Prisoner Discovered That Somebody Really Does Love Him

Mission Possible is a prison-focused ministry that has used Chick tracts for decades. Director Jo Anna Woody says this testimony shows the power of gospel seed that are sown early, to produce later fruit in someone’s life:

Greetings in the mighty, life-changing name of Jesus Christ, my Savior, my Deliverer.

Jo Anna, I am sending you a very shortened version of my testimony that you may send on in the hopes that this same Jesus who set me free, changed my heart, may do for others what He has done for me.

My younger brother and I were abandoned by our mother when I was 9 and he was 6. We were placed in a temporary shelter home. I remember crying with my brother, we wanted our mom.

In this home I found a little booklet. The front said, SOMEBODY LOVES ME. It had no words, just pictures of an orphaned boy. I understood what the pictures were saying. In the end the boy died. He went to be with the Lord. I cried out to God that very moment.

Through a long and hard road I found myself in the Idaho State Correctional Institution, facing over 100 years of charges. I was guilty of every charge.

Inmates and volunteers began trying to talk to me about Jesus, but I was so angry. Yet God kept after me. Finally, I gave in to God calling me. I accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior on May 17th, 1984. As I prayed, I felt all the anger and hatred leave my body.

I heard deep in my soul, “TOMMY, I LOVE YOU.” This hit me so hard I buckled and fell to the ground crying harder than I ever cried. SOMEBODY LOVED ME.

I spent a few more years in that prison. But my heart was free. JESUS LOVED ME. I read all the Crusader Comics books. That made me hunger for the Bible.

I walked free on June 28, 1988 and never went back to prison. Been through some ups and downs, yet Jesus has been my Rock. Thank you for a simple booklet, SOMEBODY LOVES ME —Tommy H.

As sin increases its clutches on our culture, prisons are overflowing and soul winners are beginning to see an additional need in the refugee camps. They are asking Mission Possible for Bibles and tracts to minister to these who are essentially in prison, also.

In fact, Tommy, in the above testimony, contacted Mission Possible recently because he found a refugee camp near his home in Washington state and asked if he could have Bibles and tracts to distribute there. They were able to supply him with 150 Bibles for children, 150 for adults, 4,000 tracts and 150 comic books for him.

Over the years many Chick customers have invested extra funds with Mission Possible. Jo Anna writes:

“I want to thank you all for your continued generosity and confidence as you are so faithful to support these many requests for Bibles and tracts. There are not enough thank yous for me to let you know how grateful I am for your love for lost souls in prisons and these other areas that we are helping get the gospel through the tracts and comic books.”

Jo Anna reports that in September of this year they sent out 668 Bibles, 50,000 tracts, 400 comic books, as well as 6 commentaries and 12 Bible dictionaries to add to the prison libraries.

Chick Publications maintains a standing account for Mission Possible where people can make donations to purchase tracts. Or, you can contact Jo Anna Woody at: 352-464-4448.

Her mailing address is:

  • Mission Possible
  • PO Box 2728
  • Dunedin, FL 34697

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