Notes from All Over - January 2024


The Dutch have a long history of accomplishments. But now they are becoming famous as the pioneers of assisted suicide. What started out in 2001 with the excuse that it was just an act of mercy for the terminally ill or those in unbearable pain, is now broadly considered for people who simply feel that their life is over.

Since the original door was opened, the slippery slope has included the chronically ill, people with disabilities, babies born with serious medical problems, even to the mentally ill. Of the 8,700 people who were killed in 2022, 288 were suffering from dementia.

One news outlet there reported that 80% of 200,000 people surveyed were not against providing assisted death for “elderly people who feel they’ve reached the end of their useful lives.”

Europe has been primarily Christian by name only for several generations. When a nation gets away from a vibrant faith in Christ, life loses its meaning and Satan has an open door to promote death, his ultimate objective.


After four years of prosecution, Finnish member of parliament Paivi Rasanen was finally acquitted of hate crime charges. A very determined pro-homosexual prosecutor attempted through two trials to land her in jail.

When the Finnish Lutheran Church began to promote pride month, Räsänen cited a few verses from the Bible on a radio show and a tweet. Further investigation found that she had quoted biblical verses about homosexual behavior in a pamphlet in 2004 with the title “Male And Female He Created Them.”

Her case has garnered international attention because she has held multiple positions in the government, wife of a Lutheran minister, and mother of five children. It is hopeful that her acquittal will cause over-eager prosecutors to think twice before spending taxpayer’s money on such attacks in her country and beyond. In a case like this she was actually fighting for freedom for all of us.


The city of Murfreesboro, Tennessee has decided that the city government “has a sacred trust of surpassing importance…in the protection of children by safeguarding them from behavior, material, and events that primarily appeal to prurient interest,” especially in a public place.

To fulfill that trust they adopted a Community Standards Decency Ordinance this last summer. The ordinance referenced a city code section that had been in place since 1949 containing highly detailed public sexual behavior that was prohibited.

Liberal websites immediately began screaming: “a city in Tennessee banned public homosexuality.” This reaction was very revealing because the prohibited behaviors were the exact perversions of God’s plan for sexuality that homosexuals push on the public.

This kind of pushback is exactly what decent people need to do instead of capitulating to the homosexual steamroller. Hopefully other cities and counties will contact Murfreesboro to learn their approach.


One alert parent in a small suburb in Texas discovered how her school district was sneaking homosexual groomers in through the back door.

When Tracy Shannon reviewed the 20-page agenda for a recent board meeting in her Humble, Texas, school district, she found a lot more than she was looking for. Far down the list of items was a routine approval of an outside expert who would be paid to train the school’s counselors.

Shannon researched that individual, Dr. Megan Mooney, and found that she was widely known in Texas for pushing the transgender agenda. Besides consulting in various local school districts, she had testified in the Texas Senate against legislation outlawing childhood transgender mutilation.

Digging further, Shannon found a sewer of perversity in Mooney’s website. There were pages of places where children could learn more about gender bending and even purchase chest binders and silicon male sex organs that girls could put in their panties to simulate a masculine bulge.

Shannon brought her findings to the school board meeting and succeeded in getting Mooney’s approval voted down. It was curious that two of the board members declined to vote. Shannon received assistance from an international organization dedicated to supporting local people as they stand against the homosexual and transgender steam rollers. You can get more information by visiting their website at


Arson, vandalism, and threats of violence have increased by 44% between 2021 and 2022. The 749 cases recorded in 2022 included 38 cases of physical assault and three Christians murdered. One rapidly growing trend was arson and another was acts by radicalized individuals based on their ideological, political, or religious viewpoint.

For several decades we have watched Roman Catholicism and spiritually dead Protestant denominations train up new generations with a basically godless worldview. In addition, Europe has maintained a tolerant multiculturalism toward Islamic refugees who are actually taught violence against Christians and other infidels.

This brew has destroyed any claim that Europe once had as the cradle of Christianity. Vibrant African, Latin American, and Asian churches now target Europe as a mission field. It is increasingly doubtful that sleepy American churches will be able to avoid a similar fate.

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