Muslim TV Exec Beheads Wife Over Divorce

A killing in Buffalo, New York has horrified Americans and provided varying degrees of shock in the Muslim community.  On February 12, a Pakistani Muslim TV executive, Muzzammil Hassan, walked into a local police station and confessed that he had killed his wife, Aasiya, and her beheaded body could be found in the TV studio where they were both employed. She was the third one of his wives to file for divorce because of his violent behavior.

Authorities are tight lipped about the motive and method of killing but the internet is buzzing with comments. Muslim sources deny that the killing was more than domestic violence that got out of control. Others are pointing out the similarity to so-called "honor killings" that are fairly common in Pakistan and other Muslim cultures.

Muslim leaders who claim that violence, domestic or otherwise, is not part of Islam, have a lot of explaining to do. They must begin with the modern practice of suicide bombers who are persuaded to blow themselves up for the cause of their god, Allah. Violent revenge is prescribed by the Qur'an on one's enemies. "Heretics" who refuse to convert to Islam are to be beheaded.

Muhammad a Poor Role Model

Besides the violence encouraged by Islam's "holy book," Muhammad, himself, indulged in brutalities seldom equaled in history. When it comes to violence, ex-Muslim Mohammad Al Ghazoli, in his book, Christ, Muhammad and I documents some horrific episodes.

In one instance, Muhammad directed his men to systematically behead 900 captives while their wives and children watched. Afterward, Muhammad examined the women and picked the most beautiful one for himself. When she spit at him and refused to marry him, he kept her as a slave and forced her to have intercourse with him while her feet and hands were tied down.

Ghazoli describes another instance when a 70-year-old woman was captured along with her daughter. Muhammad directed one of his men to rape the daughter while her mother watched. He then had each leg of the mother tied to two camels that were forced to gallop in opposite directions ripping her into two pieces.

Whenever someone questioned Muhammad`s actions, Ghazoli says that "Gabriel" would carry down a verse from Allah, justifying it. Ghazoli asks: "What kind of god orders something so cruel, and allows killing, raping, adultery, robbing, and slavery? Surely that 'god' was the fabrication of Muhammad`s imagination. It could not be the real, loving, merciful God."

In Christ, Muhammad and I, Ghazoli tells how, early in life, he was disillusioned with Islam's capricious god, Allah, and Muhammad, his barbaric "prophet." Yet, it was not until near the end of his days that someone handed him a Bible and said: "read!" In it he discovered a much different God who forbids revenge and instructs us to love our enemies, instead. Captivated, he devoured this amazing Book and committed his life to Christ.

Is it little wonder that Muslim nations forbid their citizens from owning such a Book? Conversion to Christ can lead to "honor killing" by one`s own family. Islamic leaders know that if news of this God of love gets out, their power over their people will vanish.

Pictures of Aasiya and Muzzammil on the internet show an attractive and accomplished couple. How very sad that no one was able to reach them with the gospel of peace provided by a loving God.

But God has brought millions of Muslims to our doorsteps. All are deluded into following this Arabian moon god who promotes pagan, primitive barbarism. What are we waiting for to present them with the Book that tells of the true and living God of love who died for them? Many of them would respond, as Mohammad Ghazoli did. 

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