Is This Hate?

Is it hate to tell a child:

  • Fire will burn?
  • Walking in traffic can kill?
  • No vegetables cause bad health?
  • Cocaine will destroy your mind?
  • Rebelling against God will send you to hell?

No, it is not hate to tell them these truths. Truth is not always pleasant, but we need to know it to avoid disaster in our lives.

But truth today is becoming the same as when Pontius Pilate scorned Jesus with the question: "What is truth?" Truth today is whatever you want it to be. Everyone is doing "that which is right in his own eyes. And woe unto anyone who gets in his way.

When someone stands up and says, "That's wrong!" the modern response is: "Sez you! It's right for me. So don't preach to me!"

Modern man no longer considers God's opinion important. Therefore, anything goes — except "intolerance."

Federal and state legislatures are being pressured to cross a new legal line and pass laws against attitudes instead of just crimes. Homosexual Matthew Shephard was tortured to death by a couple of drunken thugs. But he has become the poster boy for the anti-hate campaign. Never mind that murder is already a crime for which Shepards attackers will stand trial and police concluded that robbery was the motive, not "gay bashing."

When abortionist Barnett Slepian was assassinated by a sniper's bullet, he became another fallen hero for the pro-abortion promoters of the anti-hate laws.

If the pressure groups succeed in getting laws that punish anyone who speaks out against sin, America's days of free speech will soon be over. Those of us who declare God's judgment against sin will be tried for promoting "intolerance" and "discrimination" by inciting "hate" against those who practice sin.

When the American culture gave it's blessing to promiscuity then it had to figure what to do with all the unwanted babies. Abortion became the legalized solution. When promiscuity became okay, the next level of sexual perversion was let out of the closet. It is now screaming for full marriage rights.

We have gone so far from God's loving plan. We are dangerously close to losing our precious freedom to declare God's judgment on man's sins. We must not let our lawmakers cross that line or America will follow the other civilizations in history, that have fallen because of internal moral decay.