Help Your Church Spread the Gospel: Use Tracts to Support Your Church's Ministry

Would you like to encourage the people you go to church with to share the gospel? Would you like to help your pastor strengthen the faith of those who are sitting in the pew with you listening to him?

You can reach out to friends and family right in your own church. Here are a few tips that will help you come up with ideas that you can use at your own church.

1. Provide tracts for those who will pick up seven tracts as they leave from the ushers, with the commitment to give out one a day this week.

2. Give a package to each kid in the youth group or Sunday school class, and challenge them to take them to school and share with their friends.

3. Pass out tracts at end of special musicals or plays to everyone who comes. For people who only come to these special church services such as Easter or Christmas it will help them remember and understand the message they heard when they go home.

4. Include a tract in your informational mailing sent to visitors who come to your church each week.

5. Pass them out on church buses. (Do you suppose it might keep down the noise level?)

6. When your youth leader speaks on a subject that is covered by a tract, pass out copies of that tract to make sure the message gets home, gets remembered, and gets results. For example:

  • When discussing premarital sex, pass out "That Crazy Guy."
  • When warning against drugs, use "Trust Me."
  • When discussing evolution, use "Big Daddy."
  • When teaching teens to set goals for their future, don't forget How To Get Rich.
  • What series on prophecy couldn't be helped with The Beast?
  • You can't do a better job of making the ten commandments memorable than by giving them "It's The Law"

Getting the idea? Have Fun!!!

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