Halloween Success Stories

When the Great Commission is discussed today, the emphasis is primarily on making disciples. But in Mark 16:15, Jesus talks about the other part of that Commission: preaching.

Jesus was not talking primarily about pulpitzing. Preaching includes every possible way that we can get the gospel in front of people so that they are challenged to repent. Anytime we can do that there is occasion for rejoicing.

Below are some who are rejoicing over the opportunity that Halloween provided this and every year.

I love giving tracts away!

Just think. In a few hours how much witnessing can be done with these small books. At our fall festival at church we gave out about 400+ tracts. I love it when they see they got a “comic book” and say, “Look what I got!” We don’t get many kiddos in our neighborhood, 42 this year. But since my neighbor had us over for chili in her garage, I was able to make “big people” treats and hand out to the adults.

Everyone said “Thank you!”

I looked forward to Halloween this year. What a great chance to be a real missionary. I made little clear bags of tracts and candy. No one refused. I ran out last year because of financial limitations. So this year I made twice as many. I ran out around 8:30! I could not believe the amount of people that came. And, despite the nature of the holiday, I heard nothing but ‘thank you, sir’ respect, friendly, wonderful time. Thank you for the wonderful tracts to give out.

They were ALL GONE!

We ordered 300 tracts, placed them in bags with candy, and set them at the end of our driveway. At the end of the night, they were all gone! We’re praying that some received Christ. Thank you, Chick Tracts! — Natalie S., SC

Children and parents excited to receive them.

My wife and I passed out around 500 Chick Gospel tracts at our Church’s annual Trunk or Treat this year. We made little “goody bags” with a clear, fall-themed bag we bought from the Dollar Tree, a few pieces of candy and a Gospel tract inside. Children and their parents took them and were excited to receive them! When we ran out of “goody bags” to hand out we would drop a tract along with a few pieces of candy into each child’s candy sack. 

My wife and I realized afterwards that if each child plus one parent read the tract, this would result in 1000 “gospel encounters.” And the beautiful thing about tracts is they can be read over and over again, sometimes being put away in a drawer etc. until the moment is ripe for someone to get serious with God.

I am reminded of “Mrs. Kathy” at the Church we attended when I was growing up. She would joyfully give out little “goody bags” like we passed out filled with candy to all of the children in the Church at Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day. She was someone filled with God’s love and she expressed that love by giving and loving His children. We are thinking of passing on this tradition in her honor, adding Chick Gospel tracts to go with the time of year, of course! —Nathan W.

Tracts better than candy?

My husband and I have been passing out tracts for several years and every year I notice that children as well as young adults enjoy receiving them.  We saw a young woman walking reading it and little children were more interested in the tract than they were in the candy. —Naomi N., Texas 

This Halloween, Give Kids Candy and the Gospel!

Children are inundated almost daily with sinful influences of all kinds: drugs, the occult, pornography, transgenderism, and homosexuality. Let's use the opportunity of Halloween to share the saving love of Christ with these precious children.

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