Evolution is "Incoherent Folktales” Says World-Renowned Scientist

David Berlinski is a world-recognized expert on the history of science. He is one of hundreds of scientific professionals raising increasingly articulate voices against the trumpeted “settled science” of the theory of evolution. Evolution is “vague, incoherent, unarticulated, imprecise” and as a theory, “doesn’t exist in any rigorous form,” according to Berlinski. Evolution is a “series of folktales” that “doesn’t answer any deep questions” he adds.

The Discovery Institute in Seattle, Washington, where Berlinski is a senior fellow, is a think tank devoted to exposing the pseudo-science of the theory of evolution. They have spotlighted the concept of “intelligent design” pointing out that all beings that are alive are so complex that it is impossible to explain their development through the accidents of natural selection. “Biological structures do appear as if they were not only intelligently designed but brilliantly designed. You take a look at any biological system and the level of complexity is so daunting as to be indescribable,” Berlinski points out.

Another idea that they have championed is “irreducible complexity.” Here they point out that some organs such as the eye could not have evolved because mutational mishaps are always destructive instead of advancing the complexity of the design. In other words, the eye had to have been designed and created as a whole. No amount of time could account for its spontaneous development. And the lack of any part yet undeveloped would render it either useless or self-destructive.

One campaign by the Discovery Institute is called “Teach the Controversy,” an attempt to help public schools present both sides of the evolution debate. The government education system has been hijacked by atheists and humanists who cannot tolerate the possibility of there being a Creator. Evolution as settled truth must be taught at all costs. Otherwise God is allowed into the picture and their whole house of cards comes down.

In the end, everyone alive must decide for himself the difference between truth and lies. But as parents, we are also obligated to guide our children in this choice. Today it is much more difficult than previous generations. Satan has so taken over our culture that delusions such as evolution are vigorously defended as truth. Only by very determined effort can parents guide children through the thicket of lies to Jesus who is the ultimate Truth.

Chick Publications has some literature that can be helpful in teaching the truth as well as witnessing and soul winning. Along with a gospel tract, Big Daddy, the Crusaders Comic Primal Man? can be useful in helping children (or adults) decide where Truth is in this debate.

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Another coverage of the basic errors of evolution can be found in Thomas Heinze’s 96-page book, The Vanishing Proofs of Evolution. It is written simply for the student who is just beginning to encounter this false teaching.

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