Europe Beginning to Awake to Islamic Threat

The London subway bombings and assassination of Van Gogh in Holland are beginning to awaken Europe to the huge Muslim problem there. Up to this point, leaders have assumed that the stream of immigrants from Islamic countries would adopt western values and assimilate into the European culture.

Indeed, many have gotten jobs and schooling not available in their home countries and are enjoying the freedoms and prosperity. But a significant number are following the hard line teachings of the Koran, challenged by radical clerics to bring Europe under Islamic law.

One disturbing factor was that some of the London bombers were not freshly immigrated. They were born, raised and educated in Britain. Even members of their families were shocked by their actions, not aware of their radical worldview.

At first Muslim immigrants appeared to assimilate and adapt to the western culture. Now, radical elements are stirring the Muslim youth to obey the Koran and declare jihad on the western "infidels." The hope that "moderate" Muslim leaders would prevent violence now seems remote. British Prime Minister Tony Blair has declared his intent to deport those who advocate violence. This may be a bigger job than he anticipates.

France, with its "live and let live" culture, has become a magnet for Muslims. One aging Italian journalist observed: "Muslims declare openly: 'We must take advantage of the democratic space that France offers us, we must exploit democracy, that is, make use of it to occupy territory.'" The journalist is in hiding from death threats for exposing Islam's radical agenda in a recent book.

Islamic leaders believe that time is on their side. Birthrates of the native European countries are far below replacement rates. Their pleasure-seeking culture does not want to be bothered with the inconveniences of large families. Europe now desperately needs the millions of aborted babies who would be growing up to maintain the culture, expand the economy, and counter the influence of the invaders.

Muslim leaders are keenly aware that their large families will eventually outnumber the Europeans. One recent study estimated that 20 percent of the teens in Europe were Muslim. A pregnant Muslim in France bragged that her baby's generation would be the rulers of the country.

Kosovo, in eastern Europe, provides a lesson of life when Islam dominates. When the fighting ended in the late 1990s, Muslims were in majority. Since then, over 200,000 Orthodox Serbs have fled the country. 150 churches have been burned and 200 mosques constructed. 18,000 legal complaints have been filed against Muslims for confiscation of property.

In America, this cultural jihad is somewhat behind Europe. Nevertheless, it is on track. Thousands of mosques now dot the land. As Muslim influence grows, these mosques become more than places of worship. They become cultural and education centers promoting Islamic political rule. In every Islamic country, there is no separation between government and religion. The West is dreaming if it thinks that it will be any different here under Muslim domination.

Historically, the only effective counter to the Islamic Jihad is the gospel. Twice in history, Muslim hordes have attempted to force Islam on the West. They were stopped by military force motivated by Christian ideology. Only a return by the West to the God of the Bible can stop this new invasion.

Soul winners, we have much work to do. Not only must the Muslims among us be convinced of the gospel, but our own rotting culture must be revived.