Do You Really Believe God?

By David W. Daniels

People say, "I think God created the universe in billions of years. But He could have done it in six milliseconds."

If God told you He did it in six milliseconds, would you believe Him?

Yes? Well... He told you He did it in six days! Why then do you not believe Him?

See, it`s not a matter of God saying what He did. He already told us that.

It`s a matter of whether it SEEMS good to us!

Is that a good basis for faith? What we think should be the truth?

Or is it what God actually said that is the truth?

Listen to these words from a famous father of the modern Bible translation movement:

"...The fact that whales were actually mammals that had become aquatic millions of years ago seemed astounding, and the realization that dinosaurs once dominated the earth and left fossils of their bones and eggs seemed almost incredible, but obviously true. Even more amazing was the existence of millions of galaxies hundreds of light-years across.

"The Scientific American (my favorite magazine), and the accounts in Genesis 1 and 2 made sense only as two quite different ways of understanding texts: literally and figuratively. But in Genesis 6, the Bible also says that God himself was sorry for having created people. This I could readily believe because truly good people seem to be so scarce."

So he was prepared to believe in God being sorry for creating people, because of what he experienced. But he wouldn`t believe that same God when He told him anything that disagreed with his opinions!

Who was that man?

Eugene Nida, the father of the modern Bible translation movement. And if you think that`s not important, let me tell you the positions he held in his lifetime. He was:

  • A founding organizer of the Summer Institute of Linguistics
  • A founding member of Wycliffe Bible Translators
  • Executive Translations Secretary of the American Bible Society
  • A founding delegate of the United Bible Societies
  • An adjunct professor at the Jesuit Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome, and
  • Almost every modern Bible and missionary Bible translation uses some form of the Bible translation strategies he championed.

If you want to know more, see my new book, Why They Changed the Bible: One World Bible for One World Religion.

In my research for the book, I was astounded to find this one man at the crossroads of the modern Bible movement, influencing both popular English versions as well as how the Bible was translated for hundreds of people groups around the world. Then, when I examined the signposts at that crossroads, they pointed in some amazing directions.

Time is short. Satan`s original plan was to burn all the Bibles, but that didn`t work. So, a couple of hundred years ago he decided to just "fix" the Bible to his liking, instead. Now, his "fixed" Bibles have largely replaced the preserved words of God, both in English and otherwise. His trap is set and it is amazing who helped him set it and who has been caught in it.