Confessions of a Chick Tract User

I pass out Chick tracts. That makes me different than a lot of Christians, but that's okay. It's the only solution I can find to an otherwise difficult problem. You see, Jesus told me to witness about Him to the people around me. Good luck!

They're all in a hurry (and so am I a lot of the time). I really can't sit down and talk to them about the Lord, although if they really wanted to, I would be happy to oblige.

So I started passing out Chick tracts. It has become an enjoyable game to find ways to get otherwise indifferent people to take a tract. I offered a Chick tract to a bank teller one day. Her response: "I've already seen that one. Do you have a different one?" I sure did, and pulled out all four that I had in my shirt pocket. "Which one would you like?" I asked. She surprised me when she said "Can I have all four?" That felt good for a couple of reasons. First, I know she will read them (because she asked for them). Second, I know my Lord will be pleased because the gospel message in the back of each tract is so clear.

When I'm in line at fast food restaurants, the cashier is in a hurry to move the customers through. So, as he hands me my receipt, I give him a Chick tract with, "Here, you'll enjoy this on your break." They always say the same thing: "Thanks!" Sometimes they chuckle when they see the cartoon on the front, but then it goes into a pocket. It will get read.

In the foyer of my church, I introduced myself to a man who had never been at church before. He pulled out a wrinkled copy of "This Was Your Life."

He said it had been given to him just last week, and he thought he should come to learn more. (It had the church address stamped on the back). So often we plant a "seed" and just never really know who is paying attention. This guy was.

I also try to remember to leave a Chick tract with the tip at a full-service restaurant. It has to be a good tip, because I still remember the Christian waitress who told me how other waitresses hated the Gospel because of Christians who gave a tract instead of a tip. Those poor girls work their hearts out trying to feed their kids, and all they got was a piece of religious paper. I definitely don't want to make that mistake.

One day, after breakfast at a restaurant, a waitress was outside on break for a smoke. She stopped me and related how her little 6-year-old daughter made her read the tracts to her before bed every night. The message was starting to sink in. She wasn't ready to accept Jesus right then, but the soil was getting softer.

Have I ever led someone to the Lord? Oh, sure, but not right on the spot due to giving them a Chick tract. But I have several friends who came to the Lord after reading one.

I'll just keep planting seeds. I know that the Lord will keep His promise that His Word will never return void. Maybe someday He will even let me be the one to lead someone to Jesus who already got a tract from me. Wouldn't that be great?

Meanwhile, I want people to remember me as the guy who gave them a Gospel tract. It doesn't matter whether they agree with me or not. But when a crisis comes into their life (and it surely will) they will remember that there is a God who cares for them.