'Christianity Changes People's Hearts' Says Avowed Atheist

"In Africa, Christianity changes people`s hearts." To believers, this is not a surprising statement, but coming from an avowed atheist, it is a rare admission. Matthew Parris writes a weekly column in The Times of London and recently reported on a trip to Malawi in Africa. While there, he observed what he called "...the enormous contribution that Christian evangelism makes in Africa, sharply distinct from the work of secular NGOs, government projects and international aid efforts."

He concluded what Christian missionaries have proven all over the world: "Education and training alone will not do. In Africa, Christianity changes people`s hearts. It brings a spiritual transformation. The rebirth is real. The change is good." He also hinted that this observation had seriously challenged his atheistic convictions.

Recent missionary studies describe huge revivals occurring in much of the non-western world.

Only four major areas of the world are not experiencing major "revolution of evangelism."

They are Western Europe, Japan, Australia and the U.S. Nations with no record of Christians ten years ago, now have numbers in the hundreds of thousands. Some who had only a few thousands, register millions.

It is estimated that China now has over 100 million believers in 80,000 underground churches.

Christianity in India is growing to the point where Buddhists and Hindus are alarmed and are stepping up the persecution.

America has always been a strong supporter of foreign missions. Britain began the tradition before the U.S. church matured and took up the mantle.

Bibles and gospel literature have provided the basis for this "revolution of evangelism." Missionaries can go and reach a few people.

They may even work hard at training native Christians as pastors and evangelists. But their work is limited unless they have native language bibles and training materials.

Chick Publications  works hard to provide native language soul winning tracts for missionaries in over 100 languages.

Many have responded with pictures and testimonies. Missionary Donald C., from Venezuela reports simply: “These tracts are like dynamite down here”.

From the Philippines another writes: “I was saved in 1975 and have read most all of your literature including the comic series and have used your material to teach Bible history and the dangers of the Catholic Church influence.

“I have been a Missionary to the Philippines for 20 years and have used your tracts over the years. Thousands have been saved. Even some priests and nuns have read the Chick tracts that we have given them.”

Even though America is fast becoming a “post-Christian” nation, there are still people who have a burden for missions. Many, who cannot go themselves, supply tracts to missionaries on the field.

One couple supplied over 50,000 Thai language The Word Became Flesh to workers in that mission field and went to assist in their distribution. In the adjacent pictures, you can see the intense interest that tracts generate.  When tracts are seeded into such an area of spiritual darkness, they go from hand to hand generating hunger for our God of love that they know nothing about. Local missionaries and native pastors reap the harvest for years to come. From New Guinea another missionary writes: "When people see we have your 'books` we`re almost mobbed each time! 6 souls have been saved thus far, and many under conviction."

Does your church support foreign missionaries? If so, why not have them visit our web site to see if we have tracts in their local language. If so, you could make a donation through your church for a shipment sent directly to them from Chick Publications. Tracts in a missionary`s hands greatly extends their outreach.

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