Chick Tracts Help Children Soak Up the Gospel

According to a study done by Barna Research, Christian parents are spending "little, if any time," discussing religion with their children. This leads to the coming generation getting religious understanding largely through "osmosis" from their surroundings.

The study found that 51 percent of teens believe that all people will experience the same outcome after death, regardless of their spiritual beliefs. One third have an idea of god which does not resemble the God of the Bible.

In the hustle of modern life, Christian parents have good intentions but so little time. However, for years parents have told of their use and appreciation of Chick literature in grounding their children in basic Bible understanding. Many letters come to Chick Publications describing how the literature was "just left laying around" for them and their friends to read when they were kids.

Here are a few of the many letters received:

I don't remember when I saw my first Chick tract. I don't even remember which tract it was because I was too young to be able to "read" it. However, at the age of three and four, I was able to comprehend what the tract was trying to relay just by the pictures. As I got older I know that the Chick tracts and Crusader comics were a powerful influence on my life. Thinking back now, it was reading the tracts that filled me with the understanding of the love God really has for me. Often, when I'd feel alone, I would remember this love I'd read about in the tracts and consequently turn to God for comfort and friendship. Also, as I got into junior high and high school I often used the messages in the tracts to witness to my friends.
Amy, CA
I just want to thank you for the wonderful tracts you publish. When I was 8 years old I read "THIS WAS YOUR LIFE" and "HOLY JOE". After reading those two tracts, I flipped the second one over, knelt down by my bed and read the sinner's prayer on the back. I still remember that and the tracts after 19 years. Thank you very much!
Brent, IN
I first picked up a copy of, "The Crusaders" when I was in the 7th grade. After reading every volume, and every tract, my life was changed forever. These comics really impacted me as a teenager. Now I am 30 years old and still continue to hand out tracts and comics. The Crusaders were so cool when I was a teenager and still think they are cool to today's teens. There was action adventure, drama, and of course our characters boldly sharing the love of Christ!
Don, E mail
I just wanted to thank you for your web site. It has become a very important part of my 11 year-old-son, Steven's, life. Every night before he goes to bed he wants to read one of your tracts on line and at the end he wants to pray. It has touched my heart so much to see him grow in the Lord. I remember them as a child and what an impact they made on my life and now my son. Praise the Lord.
Tawni, E-mail
I would like to tell you that as a teenager I would read Chick's tracts whenever I had them where I refused to listen to anyone talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ. No where else could I learn about the sacrifice that Jesus paid for my sins than Chick tracts after the age 16 because I no longer went to Church and refused to be around Christians. But I would read a tract whenever I found one. Thanks for being used by God for His wonderful work. I am now a Christian of six years and God's word has not returned void.
Gary, E-mail