Tract Passing Tips - November 2008

I can carry a whole library of Chick Tracts in a small camera case attached to my belt. I then have a tract for the many different kinds of people that I may run into as I go about my day.
R.K., Benton, CA

My husband built a tract box for our front porch. The purpose is to allow the neighborhood children access to God`s words through your tract ministry. The children in our area can come over and read Chick tracts in quietness and privacy whenever they want.
C.M., California City, CA

If you have found a way or many ways to give a tract to someone, that is comfortable to you, share it with us. We would like to pass on your ideas to other soulwinners. Send your ideas to us at:

       Wanted: Your Tract Passing Tips
       c/o Chick Publications
       P. O. Box 3500
       Ontario, CA. 91761-1019

We will publish as many as we can in future issues of Battle Cry.

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