Chick Mail Bag March-2009

If you could let Bro. Jack know that my Daddy introduced our family to these wonderful little tracts and comics to help us learn how to witness to others when we were younger. My Daddy has gone on to be with our Lord Jesus this year and we miss him very much. However, we thank Jesus that we are still able to share this wonderful information with our children who are now learning how to witness to their class mates and share their faith with those that are lost.
R.C., Fitzgerald, GA.

I received my tract order and the Light of the World DVD. That night we were babysitting our granddaughter who just turned 4 yrs old. She sat on the couch between us and watched.

During the video she kept shaking her head and saying, "Poor Jesus." When they were part way through the sinner`s prayer she said, "I want to pray." My husband tried to find the beginning of the prayer so she could pray with them. He was apparently taking too long and she said, "Shut it off. I want to pray." After it was shut off she bowed her head and prayed her own prayer, "Jesus, thank you for loving me. Please come into my heart and be with me."

She told us Jesus was in her heart and has told just about everyone she sees about the video and that she asked Jesus to come into her heart. We were amazed! Thank you for making this DVD available.              
S.G., Addison, ME

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