Abortion victim begs: "Don't Make the Same Mistakes I Did"

By Rick Jones

Michelle was 18 when she got pregnant. She had already enlisted in the Air Force, so an abortion seemed to be her only alternative. Because she didn't know the secrets about abortion, Michelle was about to make several serious mistakes.

When she asked to see the ultrasound, she was told it "wasn't allowed." Upon learning that her baby was nine and a half weeks old, she began doubting and asked to see her friend, but that "wasn't allowed" either.

Michelle was told that the abortion would cause some "discomfort," like a strong menstrual cramp. Afterwards, she recalled that it was more painful than anything she had ever felt. She remembers feeling like her insides were being literally sucked out of her body.

Michelle went into shock, and post-abortion trauma set in as she came face to face with the realization that she had murdered her baby. Her life became a shambles. Fortunately, three years later, God began the healing process. Today, her plea to teens is simple, "Don't make the same mistakes I did."

Tragically, Michelle is not an isolated case. In America alone, 68.3% of all high school seniors have engaged in sexual intercourse, contributing to over 1.5 million abortions per year. Why do so many girls go through with it? Mostly, it's because nobody is getting the brutal truth about the abortion industry into their hands. They aren't learning facts like:

  • Abortions are a billion dollar business.
  • It's a living baby, not a blob.
  • You may never be able to get pregnant again after having an abortion.

Parents!... Pastors!... Youth workers!... We MUST get these facts into the hands of teenage girls before they and their unborn babies become the next victims of the money-hungry abortion industry.

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