ABS Fixes Broken Leg With a Band-aid

By David W. Daniels

The American Bible Society (ABS) wants to fix what it thinks of as a moral wrong. For over 200 years they have operated without regard to an internal, written statement of faith. Their primary aim was to publish bibles “without note or comment.” But when a newly hired help desk manager began to introduce his “husband” around, management decided it was time to set some guidelines. A document was issued requiring employees to sign that they would attend church, abstain from sex outside of biblical marriage and substance abuse, etc.

Compliance was not required until Jan. 1, 2019, but several of the 200 employees have already left and others are looking elsewhere.

However, it is the Biblical equivalent to putting a band-aid on a broken leg. Since their founding in 1816, they have sought cooperation with the Roman Catholic System. I document this in Why They Changed the Bible: One World Bible for One World Religion.

The ABS began abandoning the preserved words of God in English, the King James Bible, for the polluted Alexandrian Bible stream, over a century ago. Once they did, people were able to pick and choose which words, phrases and verses they wanted in their Bibles, through one translation after another.

In surveys in the last 10 years, the people who trust the modern versions have had a crisis of faith. The very doctrines that have been changed in the modern bibles concerning the deity of Christ, the Godhead, heaven, hell, and whether works are necessary for salvation, even whether Jesus told the truth or not and was a sinner or not, are the very doctrines that the modern churches have doubts about.

But the people who believe and read the King James Bible have not had these problems. They believe the basic tenets of the faith.

The ABS, however, over the years, teamed up with over 400 other Bible societies and the Roman Catholic institution, to form the United Bible Societies. To be a member, one must abandon belief in the King James and other preserved Bibles and trust the Text Critics and their polluted Alexandrian stream.

The ABS now must admit that serious errors have sprouted in their midst. And they want to fix it. But they cannot go to a single Bible as their authority. So they became their own. They established their first statement of faith in over 200 years.

The problem with statements of faith is that they can be changed with as little as a committee vote. Ironically, that is also how the Bible texts of the United Bible Societies were chosen!

You see, they do not have one Bible they trust. So they must “make it up as they go along.” This is no different from trusting a favorite teacher, preacher, scholar or priest. This is what is referred to as “priestcraft.” Another human tells us what to believe, and we are not sure we have a reliable Bible to check it with.

But we do not have to write up new statements. We have them in English in our King James Bible. It clearly prohibits acts now called “homosexuality.” But it goes further. Men are not supposed to dress as females, or vice versa (Deuteronomy 22:5). And men are not supposed to be “effeminate” and act like females (1 Corinthians 6:9). God is very clear about things like that.

God’s words are not up for grabs. Making statements of faith aside from the Bible cannot replace having a Bible we can trust. Apparently the ABS is worried that they are drifting in the wrong direction. That is a good thing. But a signed confession is just a band-aid. They only have a broken leg to stand on: a corrupted Bible.

They need to fix the real problem.

All they are actually experiencing is the bitter fruit of over a century of Bible doubting.

What they need is to return to God’s preserved words. Let God’s holy words, not man’s committee pronouncements, be their statement of faith.

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