A Message From Jack Chick

Dear Ones in Christ,

Some time ago, we produced a tract called Holy Joe for our soldiers fighting in Vietnam and we thank God for all the men who got saved over there. It was a horrible war fought in the jungles and mud. But now we are fighting a new enemy in the Middle East — with no end in sight because Islam is determined to destroy Israel.

Our forces are continually facing Islamic terrorists in the deserts and mountains there. The military knows that men facing death in battle need spiritual counseling and guidance, so chaplains have always been provided. But now, forty years later, the military has decided we need a different kind of chaplaincy — an ecumenical one. In some cases, chaplains are even being forced into supplying candles for our troops who are into witchcraft. Some are preaching that there are many ways to God. Muslim chaplains are even included in our military.

Some chaplains, who preached the pure Gospel, were forced to resign from the chaplaincy. Yet God still has a few of His men serving Him. Now, with a new politically correct army, many of our soldiers face battle without ever knowing how to be certain they are prepared to meet God. We asked the Lord for a tract to counter this ecumenical move of Satan and He gave us The Chaplain. I believe it will touch the hearts of our men and women serving in the military. They need The Chaplain to help turn them to the things of God and salvation.

Those marines I've talked with told me how scared they were not knowing from minute to minute that some sniper would take them out or the fear of hitting a land mine whenever they were on the roads. Beloved, solders in the military are ripe for the Gospel, so, if you know someone in uniform, please get a copy of The Chaplain into their hands. One package of 25 included in a "care package" would probably reach a whole company of solders.

I have also learned that not just soldiers, but all men, identify with a message like this. Spread it around and watch the Lord bring conviction to hard hearts.

Your brother in Christ,

Jack T. Chick, President
Chick Publications, Inc.

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