100 Years -- 100 Million Dead Under Marxism

100 years ago this year the Bolsheviks stormed the Winter Palace in Petrograd, Russia. That set off the revolution that ended in the USSR, the first Marxist-based government.

Marxism, like evolution, denies the God of creation. But, Marxism is necessary for the evolutionist. Those who believe in evolution must ignore Genesis in the Bible. Without God and His principles of government, another form of government must be fabricated. Evil still exists and must be addressed by some set of laws.

However, evolution presumes that evil is in the environment, not in the heart. Thus, when man does evil, it is because of his outside circumstances. Without God, big government is then needed to change the circumstances.

In the effort to make man do “right,” government must increase control over man’s actions. But it is other men who assume the control, unredeemed men who have “like passions” to those they strive to control. The evil in their hearts emerges and creates a leadership addicted to power.

America’s founding fathers were right in declaring that no government will work without “self-government” —every person living out a life of virtue as specified in the Bible. They knew that any other set of laws was inadequate because they did not address the depravity of the heart.

In these 100 years, Communist and Socialist countries have proven over and over the failure of their dream. Education (or re-education) is the main tool they use to try to get man to do right. But when it fails, execution is the only alternative. Witness the 100 million dead under the hands of communist regimes in the last 100 years.

Yet, dozens of countries still pursue the humanist heaven on earth without God. Their “strong delusion” (2 Thes. 2:11) is the old definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. In the U.S. we have been blessed with unheard of freedom to share the gospel for over 250 years. Nowhere on earth and at no time in history has the common man shared such prosperity and personal freedom for so long.

How is it that we can sit and watch the agony in neighbors like Cuba and Venezuela and still tolerate the humanist takeover of our universities and the encroachment of socialism in our policymaking?

However, in the light of prophecy, that 200 plus years of prosperity may have provided the fulfilment of Matt. 24:14 that when the gospel has been shared with all nations, then the end would come. That, along with other signs, will point to the soon coming of our Messiah.

Marxist ideology is rapidly shaping up as the most likely foundation for the emergence of the Beast of Rev 17. Government control is humanism’s answer to the depravity of man. And what better way to do that than with a one-world government?

Another sign of the near end could be the amassing of the enemies of Israel, with Russia, Iran and Syria all camped just outside Israel’s northern border. All are stockpiling enough “weapons of mass destruction” to cook not only Israel, but the rest of the planet.

Jesus said that unless the last days be shortened, no flesh would be saved. There surely seem to be enough mad men loose to qualify for the Lord to step in with His planned interruption. But when He does, our opportunity to share the gospel one more time will be ended.

Jesus said to work “while it is day” for “the night cometh...” (John 9:4). For centuries, soul winners have recognized the power of no-nonsense gospel tracts. And they still work today.

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