Light of the World - Mini Jacket 10 pack

  • $32.75

The soul-winning film, by Jack Chick, available in mini-jacket edition at much lower cost. Buy 5 packs and get them for an even greater discount! Lower cost to give to unsaved friends.

Multi-Language: $32.75 each

Languages included: Chinese, English, French, German, Hebrew, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish

8 Language DVD
The DVDs listed below contain only one language and are not included in the 8-language DVD shown above.
Afrikaans $12.95
Cambodian $12.95
Filipino $12.95
Hindi $12.95
Italian $12.95
Japanese $12.95
Korean $12.95
Romanian $12.95
Sign Language American $12.95
Spanish $14.95
Swahili $12.95
Tamil $12.95
Thai $12.95
Ukrainian $12.95
Zulu $12.95

DVD Details

Run Time: Minutes
Format: NTSC
Price: $32.75