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RVG 2010, hard cover, Scripture text with thematic concordance. No maps or center references. Only 1" thick. (Read More)

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Features include:

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The words of God preserved in Spanish

Readers have long known of problems in the Spanish Bible. The beloved Reina Valera was based on the Textus Receptus (TR) used by the early church but Valera himself said corrections were still needed. Revisions including the RV 1909 and 1960 were supposed to fix the problems, but instead added liberal readings changing God's words, even taking Jesus (Son of God) out of the fiery furnace in Daniel 3:25 and replacing him with a "son of the gods.". The RVG 2010 fixes that.

After years of work, the Reina Valera Gómez (RVG) Bible is finally available. A true, "Textus Receptus" Bible, the RVG has been proofread and refined by Spanish-speaking Christians in 13 countries. This revision of the RV 1909 is the first Spanish Bible that is not the product of a small committee.

Dr. Rex Cobb, of Baptist Bible Translators Institute, compared the RVG with other common Spanish Bibles to see how many times they departed from the traditional text (the TR). Here are the results:

*The 1569 departed from the TR 75 times
*The 1602 departed from the TR 57 times.
*The 1862 departed from the TR 118 times.
*The 1865 departed from the TR 28 times.
*The 1909 departed from the TR 122 times.
*The 1960 departed from the TR 191 times.
*The 2001 departed from the TR 69 times.
*The RVG departed from the TR ZERO times.

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