Faked Sinaiticus - 2 Book Bundle

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This 2-book bundle contains both books by David W. Daniels proving that the “World’s Oldest Bible” is a modern fake. You save $5! (See Contents)

English $38.90

This 2-book bundle contains David’s two books on Codex Sinaiticus, the manuscript that scholars claim is the "World’s Oldest Bible". Learn the facts of history and see for yourself that it's really a modern fake. You save $5!

This bundle contains one copy of:

Is The "World's Oldest Bible" a Fake?

David W. Daniels proves with easy-to-understand evidence that the Sinaiticus is not what it claims to be.

Who Faked the "World’s Oldest Bible"?

The crime is fraud, and you’re the detective! Discover the evidence and decide for yourself who is responsible for this fake Bible.

About Author

David W Daniels

David Daniels, B.A., M.Div., is trained in Bible and linguistics. After twenty years of searching the Hebrew and Greek scriptures and studying the history of the Bible, he concluded that the King James Bible is God's preserved words in English.


Author: David W Daniels
Price: $38.90