Bible Version Secrets Exposed

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This book contains a collection of over 400 blockbuster editorial memes that present convincing evidence that there are errors of fact, history, geography and, science in modern Bible versions. (Read More)

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Here’s How to Convince Others That You’ve Been Right All Along About the King James Bible

Bible Version Secrets Exposed is a collection of over 400 blockbuster editorial memes that present convincing evidence that there are errors of fact, history, geography and, science in modern Bible versions.

This book includes a free download link to ALL 400+ memes (PDF & JPG) and your license to FREELY reproduce them anywhere and any way you wish.

The memes are proven. They’ve been successfully used by others who have shared them on Facebook tens of thousands of times to quickly and graphically communicate their unshakable faith in the supremacy of the King James Bible. And they’ll do the same for you.

Drawn from over 30 years of research into the Bible version controversy, these cleverly designed memes with their killer headlines and well researched arguments expose the defects in modern Bible versions.

  • Some will build your faith in the KJB.
  • Others you can use to show even the most strident supporters of modern versions that their Bible versions are in error.
  • Others you can use to reach people on the fence.
  • The experts say that no doctrine of the Christian faith is affected by modern versions. Prove them wrong with these memes.

These memes solve your #1 problem ... Getting people to listen to you.

The memes are easily digestible. They simplify controversial (and sometimes complicated) subjects in a form that quickly grabs the reader’s attention, makes convincing points and sums up the argument all on ONE SHEET of paper.

Use them:

  • In church bulletins.
  • In slide presentations.
  • In videos.
  • For inspiration for articles you write.
  • For proofs and demonstration of your beliefs about the Lord’s book.
  • As a launching pad or outline for your lessons on Bible versions.
  • To create your own eBook on Bible versions.
  • To share on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms to start a conversation or answer common objections.

251 memes specifically reference particular Bible versions—their errors, deficiencies, and defective doctrines. Including…

  • 10 memes with a Christmas theme—including one where the NET Bible nixes Isaiah’s virgin birth prophecy.
  • 7 memes that cover the crucifixion and Easter—including why Easter is not a KJB translation error.
  • 4 memes that cover supposed KJB errors of translation—including why kill isn’t a KJB error that should have been translated as murder.
  • 12 memes showing how modern versions contain contradictions—including how the same verse in the NIV says David killed Goliath whereas the ESV says Elhanan killed Goliath.
  • 7 memes showing confusion where one version contains a particular verse and others do not—including one where the NASB has a verse that’s omitted from the ESV.
  • 6 memes where the versions say opposite things—including one where NKJV says not increased and the KJB says increased.
  • 9 memes covering science errors and issues.
  • 23 memes showing historical errors and issues.
  • 2 memes covering geography errors in the ESV.
  • 1 meme showing a legal error in the NASB.
  • 53 memes covering doctrinal issues and errors—including where the ESV says obey instead of believe in John 3:36.
  • 14 changes in the NIV from the ©1984 edition to the ©2011 edition—including one where Phoebe went from being a servant in 1984 to a deacon in 2011. And another where the character of the Lord Jesus Christ is sickeningly changed from compassionate to indignant.

160 memes address common objections:

  • 27 demonstrate the Superiority of the King James Bible.
  • 18 cover Original Languages and Translation.
  • 10 discuss Inspiration and Preservation.
  • 59 discuss Critics, Textual Critics, and Commentary.
  • 12 answer the oft-repeated questions of Where Was the Bible Before 1611? and Which Edition Is Authentic?
  • 16 present Multi-version Confusion—thereby demonstrating that God can’t be like our leaders in recommending many versions because he is NOT the author of confusion.


About Author

Jack McElroy

Jack McElroy was raised as a Roman Catholic attending a Catholic grammar and Jesuit high school. His life changed in 1978 when he became a Born Again Christian after a 2 year search for the answer to the question: "What happens to you after you die?"

He's a businessman and entrepreneur and has been the President of McElroy Electronics Corporation for over 35 years. He co-founded and was President of Dutchess County Cellular Telephone Corporation in Poughkeepsie, NY and co-founded and was Chief Manager of Minneapolis Cellular Telephone Company LLC in Minneapolis MN. McElroy co-founded and is President of McElroy Publishing and McElroy Rare Bible Page Collections since 1991.

He has taught Bible doctrine to all age groups, from preschoolers to adults. He served as a youth leader for over 20 years and as a deacon at a Baptist church for over 12 years.

Over nearly 30 years he's studied the history of the Bible, textual criticism and translation theory. He's read books and articles by KJVonly and anti-KJV-only folks; Textus Receptus (TR) defenders; as well as Majority Text, Critical Text, and modern version supporters.

He's invested countless hours examining, comparing, and considering the differences between the 1611 King James Bible, and its subsequent reprints and modern versions. He's familiar with the arguments on all sides of the issue—from KJV only to TR only to Majority Text Preferred to Critical Text Preferred—as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each position.

And he believes that if the Lord Jesus Christ came to your church to speak he would have to choose from among all the different Bible versions out there and he'd be forced to pick just one of them.

Which one?

The evidence shows that that the differences between the King James Bible and any of the modern versions are so great that if the Lord Jesus Christ came to your church tonight, he would absolutely not use any of the modern versions and he would without any question use a King James Bible.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Management from Lowell Technological Institute (now UMass Lowell).

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