4-Pocket Counter Top Rack

  • $12.95

Many local stores will allow you to set up this 4-pocket plastic rack on a table or countertop. (Read More)

English $12.95

This plastic countertop rack will help you reach far more people than you ever could face to face.

It's made of clear plastic and has 4 pockets. It can hold up to 120 tracts. It measures 6.5W" X 7D" X 10H".

Every town has truck stops, gas stations, yogurt shops, convenience marts, and other small businesses. Many will allow you to put a free tract rack there if you just ask. This is a whole new path for a personal ministry! Check it weekly and keep it stocked.

Little Is Much, When God Is In It

With the help of these small plastic tract racks, retirees Dale and Sue Detro found a way to make their "golden years" truly productive —for eternity. Their story will inspire you!

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If you have ever been burdened for your community and wondered how to make sure that as many as possible heard the gospel, Dale Detro and the folks at Abundant Life Baptist Church in Putnamville, Indiana, can show you how.

Six years and a half million Chick tracts later, they are rarely able to hand a tract to anyone in the community who has not seen at least one title.

Their method is simple to do, but it takes a high commitment by the congregation. Besides saturating their community with the gospel, many members in the church renewed their zeal to personally obey the great commission.

Rack Details

Price: $12.95
Dimensions: 6.5W" X 7D" X 10H"
Weight: 2 Lbs
Tract Capacity: 120 Tracts