21-Pocket Counter Top Rack

  • $45.00

This rack is made of metal wire and is best for use on a table top. It holds up to 21 different tract titles. (Read More)

English $45.00

This metal rack comes with 21 pockets that each hold a pack of 25 tracts. The dimensions are 16W" X 14D" X 14H" making it the right size to display the tracts on a countertop.

Use on a table in your church or put a rack in your restaurant, gas station, or other small business. Encourage customers to take one free.

Discounts for the rack:
If your order is between $144.50 and $216.74 the rack will cost $28.00
If your order is $216.75 or more, the rack will cost $15.00

Rack Details

Price: $45.00
Dimensions: 16W" X 14D" X 14H"
Weight: 5 Lbs
Tract Capacity: 525 Tracts