Chapter 8: Westcott and Hort - part 1

Meet the men whose disbelief compelled them to change the Bible - Westcott and Hort. See the heresy in their own words, and why they were determined to change the text of the Scriptures. From Gipp's "Understandable History of the Bible."

Did Hort and Westcott do what they were hired to do? Or was there another agenda?

Video transcript - They were hired to make a mininal revision, but ended up replacing the entire New Testament text.

Mainline Churches Use Defective Bibles to Approve Sin

Don`t like what the Bible says? Just choose one that justifies your sin!

Son of Biblical Text Editor Westcott says, "My Father Was A Spiritualist"

Fascinated by the spirit world, Hort and Westcott had to be careful their 'ghost chasing' did not become too public.

Son Of Biblical Text Editor Westcott Says: 'My Father Was A Spiritualist'

Writing that his father had a lifelong "faith in what for lack of a better name, one must call Spiritualism," the son of famed biblical Greek text editor B. F. Westcott admits to considerable public alarm at his father's activity.

Westcott and Hort - part 2

The unbiblical views of Westcott and Hort, that should have disqualified them from preparing a Bible text. From Gipp's "Understandable History of the Bible."

Westcott and Hort - part 3

Part 3: How the globalist and darwinian views of Westcott and Hort shaped their approach to the Bible. From Gipp's "Understandable History of the Bible."

Who were Westcott and Hort?

A brief overview of the views of Brook Foss Westcott and Fenton John Anthony Hort, who created the text used in modern Bibles.

Would You Let Dishonest Scholars Determine Your Faith?

One of the best kept secrets today is that unbelievers with ulterior motives were involved in the “translation” of the modern Bibles. But they have been trusted to change the Bible just because they were called “scholars.”