Here's Why Christians Say Chick Tracts Get Read!

Soul winners worldwide give out Chick tracts because
people who read them get saved

Chick tracts are everywhere
"One constant throughout my life is those pesky little Chick tracts that I seemed to find no matter where in the world I went! Even when I was stationed in Japan, there they were. By His grace I am found at last. Thank you for being there all of my life."

Pastors love Chick tracts
"I'm a pastor. I was saved in jail in 1984 after reading a Chick tract!"    E-Mail

"Over twenty years ago my brother and his wife gave me several of your tracts. After reading THIS WAS YOUR LIFE! the Holy Spirit convicted me so strongly that I knelt down at the foot of the bed and repented of my sins and confessed Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior."    Alabama

"Your tracts have helped me win dozens of souls to Jesus here in St. Peter."    Florida

"Your tracts planted the seed that led me to Christ. I was saved after seeing tons of tracts laying all over Wal-Mart while working, shopping, etc."    California

"I came to Christ out of a totally heathen background and one of the most instrumental ministries in my life was a Chick tract given to me by my brother."    Texas

Kids love Chick tracts
"At the age of 10, I accepted Jesus because a friend had given me some of your tracts."    E-Mail

Shy people love Chick tracts
"Your tracts were extremely influential in my conversion. I was very shy and felt uncomfortable when Christians would witness to me. But I loved reading your tracts, which were everywhere. Finally, I repented and accepted Christ."    E-Mail

"One of our church members was saved after reading A LOVE STORY. Later, I had the priviledge of baptizing her."    E-Mail

"My brother-in-law was saved after reading a Chick tract."    Wisconsin

"Your tracts are the only ones we use and will ever use!!! We have great results. Several saved using them."   E-Mail

"I found a Chick tract in a phone booth and was saved a short time later, along with my wife-to-be."    E-Mail

Germans love Chick tracts
"Two German teenagers stopped and asked me for a 'comic.' I was sorting through the tracts. The young man stopped me at the tract SOMEBODY LOVES ME. He said, 'I got saved by reading that tract.'"

"I've been saved almost two years, and Chick tracts really opened my eyes to see my real need of Christ."    E-Mail

Sunday School teacher uses Chick tracts
"I have taught children's classes for years and have always given your tracts to children. I have had several kids saved because of them. Recently, I became Sunday School Director. I gave Chick tracts to all the teachers to distribute to their classes. I am now witnessing the same results. Children are starting to be saved in Sunday School!"    Tennessee

Chick tracts convict backsliders
"I was shaken back into the fear of the Lord from my backslidden state by THIS WAS YOUR LIFE! that I found on my seat in a subway train."    E-Mail

Many people hate Chick tracts...until they get saved.
"You used to turn my stomach, now I support you whole-heartedly. From bondage to freedom (Catholicism to Christ) is what I praise the Lord for."    North Carolina

Soul winner expands his ministry by teaching others how to witness with Chick tracts
"Martha is in her 80's but she was not aware of Chick tracts. I asked her if I gave her some if she'd use them. She said yes, so I gave her a package of 25. At Christmas she wanted to tell me something. She had been going to this elderly man's house each week and leaving the church magazine. She said he seemed to get irritated, so she thought of the THIS WAS YOUR LIFE tracts I'd given her. She thought they were pretty strong, but decided to try them anyway. Two weeks later she noticed the elderly gentleman's name in the obituary. She wondered if it was the same man. She went to the funeral to find out. Sure enough it was. She went up to the man's daughter and told her she was the lady from the bus ministry. Martha said the daughter grabbed her and hugged her and said, 'Dad got upset about the magazine, but when you gave him THIS WAS YOUR LIFE, he read it and gave his heart to the Lord before he died.'" Praise God!    E-Mail

"Our church uses your tracts in our flea market witnessing ministry. It was SOMEBODY GOOFED that changed my life at age 12."    Florida

Even shy kids can witness
"I'm 11 years old. I have always wanted to witness to people, but I am very shy. So I have decided to give people your tracts. I got the idea when I read WHO, ME?"    E-Mail

Teens love Chick tracts
"When I was a teenager, someone gave me a Chick tract. I took it home and read it. When I finished I prayed and asked Jesus to be my Savior."    Minnesota

"I was saved through one of your tracts (SOMEBODY GOOFED) at the age of 14."    Ulster, Ireland

He couldn't resist a Chick tract
"In 1989 I was depressed and even suicidal. I was walking the streets of Nashville one night and I happened upon THIS WAS YOUR LIFE! laying on a grease spot in a parking lot. I read it, threw it down and then came back and read it again. In the months that followed I repented and was saved."    Texas

Hispanic love Chick tracts
"I'm 15, and I go to a Hispanic church. A lot of people that have joined our church have been born again by the tracts."    E-Mail

You never know how long it will take
"I was handed some of your tracts. At first, I rejected the message as being too naïve and simplistic! But I could not bring myself to throw them away, instead keeping them and bringing them out a few times a year just to have a good laugh. But six years ago, I received Jesus as Lord and Savior, your tracts having played a big part!"    Oregon

Chick tracts GET READ!

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