Reporter Sees ‘Harassment Storm’ Coming for Christians

Evidence is coming from several directions indicating that Bible believers are in for an increasingly rough ride. Random attacks on churches are increasing. Pro-life pregnancy centers near abortion clinics are another focus of escalating vandalism and violence. recently reported: “Attacks on Christian churches in the United States have almost tripled in the past four years.”

Here are some of the statistics:

  • “420 acts of hostility against 397 different churches between January 2018 and September 2022, including shootings, bomb threats, arson, assaults and vandalism.” 57 of these this year “were attributed to pro-abortion motives.”
  • “The first nine months of 2022 saw more than double the number of reported acts of hostility against churches than occurred in the entirety of 2018.”
  • “…at least 86 Catholic churches and 77 pro-life organizations have been victims of firebombs, vandalism and other attacks.”

Examples include: a nativity scene set on fire in Vandalia Ohio; feces strewn throughout a church building in Wilkes Barre; Pennsylvania, bullet holes in a church in Denver, Colorado.

State and local governments are being pressured to pass laws that favor homosexual behavior. When Christian business owners decline to participate in unbiblical celebrations, they are hauled into court and given stiff fines and reeducation mandates.

The State of Colorado appears to be a focal point for the homosexual activists. Reporter Jeff hunt, writing in the December 21, 2022, Washington Examiner suggests that Colorado Christians are among the first victims of the coming “harassment storm.”

Hunt cites examples such as Jack Phillips, a Lakewood Baker, who has been in a years-long battle of lawsuits over his refusal to violate his Christian values and use his artistry to promote homosexual-themed parties and weddings.

Another Coloradoan, Lorie Smith, has a web design studio but is suing the state over their regulations requiring her to also use her design skills to support behavior that she deems unbiblical. Her case is currently before the US Supreme Court.

In Colorado the pressure against Christians has spread beyond the Civil Rights Commission into the legacy media. Hunt further reports: “The Denver Post has singled out Christian high schools for their values regarding marriage and human identity and even went so far as to call for Catholic high schools to be banned from playing sports with public schools.

“A recent article in the Denverite sought to pressure the Denver Rescue Mission to abandon its Christian lifestyle requirements for employees or lose its multimillion-dollar city contracts to serve the poor.”

So where are the roots of this thorn bush?

First of all, the war over abortion is rooted in the false science that declares there is no God and we are simply large-brained animals. A fetus then is not a person but a blob of tissue to be treated like any other animal meat, disposable at society's convenience. When pregnancy centers attempt to interrupt that convenience, the war is on.

The other root is a perversion of God's design for procreation. His “one flesh” plan to guarantee the perpetuation of mankind included a peak of intimacy. Instead, Satan has used man's selfishness to create a climate of lustfulness the God calls an abomination.

When we allowed the laws to equate race with sexual preference, we set a huge trap for Bible believers. God defines homosexuality as a behavior, not something they are born with. Homosexuals have demanded and gotten the same civil rights for their behavior as people with unchangeable birth characteristics such as skin color and birth gender. They have gotten legal recognition based on the lie that their behavior is not chosen but because they were born that way.

Now they are using the same steamroller tactics to advance their perversion that we saw in the story of Lot when the local perverts were pounding on his door. A new federal law, the Respect for Marriage Act, places same-sex marriage on the same level as interracial marriage and opens the door for lawsuits against Bible believers.

“It’s giving broad new power to the federal government to be able to go after religious organizations and people of faith that hold to the view that marriage is between one man and one woman,” Matt Sharp, senior counsel with the Alliance Defending Freedom said.

So many people today are confused because they do not know the Bible. That is where we come in, soul winners. The saturation of the community with gospel tracts can go a long way toward helping them see the truth.

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