Without Truth, U.S. a Nation of Spiritual 'Drifters'

The people in the U.S. are a nation of "drifters," according to a recent report by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. They found that about half of the adults have changed "faith affiliation" at least once in their lives. Most described "just gradually drifting away from their childhood faith."

A significant percentage (16%) identified themselves as unaffiliated but only half of them were raised that way.

Another recent survey by George Barna found that most people don`t have much of a problem believing in Jesus, they just have trouble with the church. The Pew report verified this. Many in their survey expressed concern about religious leaders out for power and money and that the members were judgmental or insincere hypocrites.

The need for reaching young people with the truth was also illustrated. Most who left their affiliation, did so before they were 24. And if they switched to another, it was before they were 36.

David W. Daniels, author of several books on Bible versions, believes that part of the confusion is because most church leaders do not believe they have the true Words of God. The vast assortment of modern Bibles, and the fact that they contradict each other and leave out important verses, contributes to the confusion of the "drifters."

Some churches` statements of faith illustrate their belief that God did not preserve His word. They "believe the Bible is without error in the original autographs." Therefore, copies made from the originals cannot be trusted to be without errors. God placed in the heart of man a strong desire to know the truth.

If a religious leader is not convinced he has the truth, he will not preach with confidence and the hearer will sense it. He will also be unstable in his faith and tend to "drift" around looking for that solid truth that his heart requires.

Daniels has, through extensive research, determined that God did preserve His words just as He said He would in Psalms 12:6-7 and Matt. 24:35. The King James Version is the only one that is a faithful copy and accurate translation of the originals.

Daniels presents a compelling case for the KJV in his books, Did the Catholic Church Give Us The Bible? and Answers to Your Bible Version Questions.

He shows how the KJV was produced from one stream of thousands of manuscripts that all agree together, while the modern versions are all based on another polluted stream of a few manuscripts that have hundreds of discrepancies and omissions.

Thus it is obvious which stream was guided by God to deliver His preserved words as He promised. When you witness to someone who has been drifting from one religion to another looking for truth, you want to be sure you can confidently point him to Jesus, who said He was the Truth in Person.

And you want to do it from a Bible that you both can believe is God`s preserved words. Daniels` books can show you why you can have this confidence. They are available from Chick Publications and much more of Daniels` research is posted on the chick.com web site.

Also available are dozens of gospel tracts loaded with scripture from God`s preserved Words.They tell the whole gospel, that being a Christian is not just a feel-good thing but that hell is real for those who insist on rebelling against God`s grace.

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