Will This Pope Make Mary Co-Redeemer?

Issue Date: July/August 2008

Pressure is mounting on the new Pope Benedict XVI to "infallibly" declare the Roman Catholic Virgin Mary as "co-redemptrix, with Jesus the Redeemer, Mediatrix of all graces with Jesus the one Mediator, and Advocate with Jesus Christ on behalf of the human race."

When done, this will be the fifth "dogma" defining the position of the Virgin Mary goddess in Roman Catholicism. The others include "Mother of God," "Perpetual Virginity," "Immaculate Conception," and "Assumption" into heaven.

In the fifth century, the popes reasoned that since Jesus was God, Mary must be the "Mother of God" and deserved worship as such.
"Perpetual Virginity" is defined as continuing to be a physical virgin even after the birth of Jesus and thus having no children by her husband, Joseph. This also elevates her toward a position akin to divinity.

"Immaculate Conception" defines her as without sin from birth, just as Jesus was.  The reasoning is that, otherwise, Jesus would have been tainted by Original Sin. "Assumption" declares that she was taken directly into heaven, body and soul, just as Jesus was.

Now the push is on to further elevate this false redeemer into a position, for all practical purposes, co-equal with the divine Saviour. She will be in charge of dispensing God`s grace, and standing in for Jesus as mediator and advocate for mankind. Having reduced Jesus to a wafer god stored in a box, the popes have, instead, directed the worship of the precious Roman Catholics to this Virgin Mary goddess.

Thus we see the steps taken to elevate the lowly Mary of the Bible to a goddess-like position.  For centuries, the Roman Catholic layman has been encouraged to pray to this Virgin Mary goddess instead of directly to God or the Lord Jesus.

With this fifth "dogma," she will have effectively elbowed Jesus aside and assumed the central focus of attention for the one-billion-plus Roman Catholics trapped in the superstition and ignorance of this pagan false church.  

This is just another step in Rome`s attempt to draw all religions under the pope. Most false religions have a female goddess central in their worship. If they can be persuaded that their goddesses are really this Catholic Virgin Mary, the pope can declare himself the head of all religions, stepping into position as the final anti-christ.

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