"Why Did You Put My Story in this Tract?"

Mike Cahill called with this story of a recent adventure while passing out copies of Unloved. Seeing a lonely looking guy, Mike gave him a copy of Unloved and went on down the street. In a few minutes the man came running up to him demanding, "Why did you give me this tract?"

Before Mike could answer, the man said, "This is all about me. How did you know about me? Tonight I was going to commit suicide." Mike talked to him for a few minutes and invited him to trust the Lord but he said he didn`t trust anyone anymore.

Mike told him to read the tract and then pray the prayer at the end and offered to buy him a meal at a nearby restaurant if he would come back the next Wednesday.

Sure enough, he did meet Mike at the appointed restaurant. Mike learned that he had had a series of setbacks in life including alienation from his family and loss of jobs. In the course of the meal, Mike felt the time was right and asked him if he wanted to commit his life to Jesus. He accepted and prayed the prayer of salvation.