When Sin Becomes Legal...

When sin becomes legal, all kinds of things go wrong. When we started killing babies about 50 years ago, few realized how badly we would need those people around, working and contributing to the economy. Social Security and Medicare would have all that income to support the present generation.

Another sin now "legal" is sodomy. When we invited this demon into our midst, we unleashed a huge threat to our freedoms. Quickly controlling our entertainment community, it pumped its perverted lifestyle directly into our living rooms wooing our children into this abomination. Studies show that over 70 percent of our high school students see nothing wrong with "gay" marriage.

Privacy Laws Protect Sin

Complex privacy laws were forced on the business community to protect HIV-infected sodomites. These require reams of paper for "privacy policy" notices and extra labor and equipment costs to administer them. Yet under ObamaCare, sodomites and abortionists have succeeded in getting HIV infection and abortion history exempted from the health databases that are supposed to make medical care more efficient.

Colleges Protect Sin

For Bible believers, the threat to our freedom to witness and stand for the gospel is now under attack. At Augusta State University in Georgia, Jennifer Keeton was told that she could not graduate from the marriage counseling program until she gave up her Christian beliefs that sodomy was a sin. At the Hastings Law School in Berkley, California, The Christian Legal Society student club was barred from campus for refusing to accept open sodomites as club voting members and leaders.

Boy Scouts Attacked

In Philadelphia (City of Brotherly Love), the Boy Scouts have, for 70 years, used a building built and paid for by the Scouts but sitting on city land, for their local council headquarters, and pay only a token for rent. Because the Scouts refuse to admit sodomites as scoutmasters, homosexual city leaders sued and the case was decided by a jury in June that they should not be evicted or have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in rent.

Since the Supreme Court decided that it was okay for the Boy Scouts to "discriminate" in that way, their financial support has been under relentless attack. On the other hand the Girl Scouts gave in without a fight and now some have estimated that one-third of their top leaders are lesbian.

Judges Protect "Gay Rights"

As in Philadelphia, this demon has succeeded in placing activists at high levels of government, business, "Christian" denominations, and public service organizations. In California, an openly sodomite judge has just thrown out an amendment to the state constitution against "gay" marriage cancelling two votes by the people.

When we see the definitions change, we need to worry. For example, sodomites used to have a different sexual "preference." Now it is "orientation," that they were born with, taking the choice out of it. This gives them the same "civil rights" as black people with protection against "discrimination."

Philadelphia`s "anti-discrimination" policies dragged the Scouts into court. Hastings used the same "policies" to ban the Christian Legal Council and the Christian university students` view that sodomy is sinful is also considered unlawful "prejudice."

Now, we are beginning to hear "freedom of worship" instead of "freedom of religion." China and Russia have "freedom of worship" if you do it inside a government approved "church" building. None of this "disturbing the peace" with public tract passing and street preaching.

The "night" that Jesus spoke of will come to America unless we have another "great awakening" of revival. Most revivals were triggered by widespread distribution of literature. Many have discovered that Chick tracts get read and win souls. Surely, if enough gospel literature was gotten out today, we could get the same results. But we must do it soon.

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