Well-Known Christian Author Reverses Position on Rome

Issue Date: July/August 2007

A best-selling author (who shall remain nameless) was challenged regarding a book he had written. It stated that Rome was indeed the Whore of Babylon prophesied in the book of Revelation, chapters 17 — 18. He had based his book largely on The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop, who penned his book between the years 1853 and 1858, before the dawn of modern archaeology. He was told that Hislop had used shoddy research and jumped to unwarranted conclusions. He was presented a different option: that Catholicism was indeed unscriptural in places, but the church was still Christian.

This well-known author could not answer the skeptic`s questions. And so he threw out the baby with the bathwater — and his own book along with it. But this gray-headed man should have known better. Just because he didn`t know the answer, didn`t mean there wasn`t one!

Is there a way to find out whether Hislop was right? Is the Roman religion indeed the Whore of Babylon prophesied by scripture? And can we find out, without getting bogged-down in scholarly research articles?

Author David W. Daniels` new book, Babylon Religion has the answer. Many people have gotten stuck in the way most authors write about this important topic. But Babylon Religion is written as a story. And not a dull one, either! It is written simply, and filled with Jack Chick`s comic drawings, both historically accurate and fun to read.

But if you want the "meat," it`s also there: Appendix A documents the claims of the book, using full quotations of authoritative research. Read it for the fun story. Learn from the documented research. The Catholic system is indeed the Whore of Babylon that Jesus warned us to flee from!

You don`t have to make the mistake this well-known Christian author did. Read Babylon Religion for yourself. Enjoy the story. Then check out the research. Your unsaved Catholic friends will be glad you did.

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