War Over Transgenders Heats Up

The new U.S. president’s administration is beginning to put a few boulders in the formerly smooth road of the homosexual steam roller. The Department of Justice just rescinded the orders for special treatment for transgenders in the workplace. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act had been interpreted to require the same “non-discrimination” is given to black people and women. This interpretation was what gave men who posed as women access to women’s bathrooms, changing rooms and positions on women’s sport teams.

The new President previously ordered the elimination of the confusion in the military caused by accepting transgenders that required special privacy arrangements and paying for sex reassignment surgeries.

In the schools, parents are beginning to rise in defense of their grade-schoolers being exposed to transgender propaganda. California, of course, leads the way with a charter school in Rocklin, California. A teacher first read a couple of books about transgenders to her kindergarten class. Then one of the boys in the class, whose parents had decided that he was really a girl in a boy’s body, went into the bathroom for a few minutes and then “came out” to the class dressed as a girl. The teacher introduced “her” to the class with “her” new girl’s name.

Another student was later sent to the principal’s office to explain her “pronoun mishap” for accidentally referring to the “new” girl with a masculine pronoun. Parents were outraged when their kindergarteners came home in confusion. One little girl was in tears fearing that she might accidentally turn into a boy. When questioned, school officials claimed that they were not required to notify parents beforehand because it was part of a lesson in diversity, not sex education.

The Heritage Oak Private School in Southern California is being sued for discrimination by the parents of a child who had transitioned from boy to girl. The school administration is charged with refusing to provide proper accommodations. One of the parents of the boy-become-girl is a professor of feminist, transgender, and queer theory at UC Irvine, which hosts a “gender identity clinic’ as part of its UC Irvine Pediatric Gender Diversity Program.

One writer pointed out that so much in our culture is based on the male-female framework. Instead of the change adapting to the environment, everything has to change to accommodate the gender confused: bathrooms, dress codes, sports categories, application forms, —even pronouns! It, instead, forces almost a complete rearrangement of society.

No wonder God calls it an “abomination!”

“While Americans are still debating whether transgender ideology is harmful to children, the right of every other parent to raise their child without exposure to this ideology should not be up for debate,” writes Anna Anderson in The National Pulse.

Alerted parents and some legislators are pushing back against this confusion. The Texas legislature was besieged all summer over an attempt to protect the right of privacy in the state’s bathrooms and changing rooms. Included was a clause to keep husky males from joining girl’s sports teams. Recently, broken bones have been reported by girls pitted against much stronger male-bodied opponents.

Texans were attempting to become the second state after North Carolina with laws protecting ladies in the bathroom. Unfortunately, the lawmakers went home without voting the law into force.

Behind God’s emphasis on sexual purity is a deep concern for child welfare. God hates these experiments in rearranging gender because of how it hurts the children.

Many adults are also confused because little is done today to spread the truth. Satan has flooded the world with counterfeit Bibles, disparaging the one which faithfully preserves God’s words.

However, they will read a gospel tract with an engaging story and a no-nonsense message.

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