Sexual Revolution Devastating to Children

“We have an epidemic now of children abusing children,” reports Breakpoint Daily Commentary. At Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City 1000 children are seen each year who have been sexually abused. “Almost half of our perpetrators are minors between the ages of eleven and fifteen,” reports children’s nurse Heidi Olson.

Little girls between four and eight are the most common victims. Many of the children have suffered physical violence in addition to sexual abuse. A shocking number of practicing homosexuals were introduced to sexual activity as a child by an abusive adult.

Investigation of these crimes led to one primary source of motivation: pornography. Mercy Hospital nurses report that the victims are often forced to view pornographic videos and act out sexual acts portrayed. Sometimes they are recorded in these sexual acts.

This leads to another shocking statistic: Minors now commit 25% of all sex crimes. Our whole cultural landscape is littered with the little victims of the shift to sex as recreation instead of procreation. Sixty-one million children have been aborted in America since Roe v Wade. World-wide, the number of innocents dismembered or poisoned before birth exceeds 40 million a year. Millions of men have fathered children only to abandon them to the care of single mothers —or worse.

More recently, the children are now caught in the bewilderment of gender confusion. Even the local libraries and See Devastating... p. 12 kindergartens are not safe with the appearance of a story hour conducted by cross-dressers reading books about two mommies. “Innocent” children’s cartoons are being invaded by sexually confused characters.

Parents are fighting a losing battle if they wish to protect the innocence of their kids. There is little discussion today about the “power of suggestion.” Topics were once avoided in polite conversation that were considered too “suggestive.” Profanities and obscenities, which often carry sexual overtones were avoided around children, choosing not to arouse their curiosity before they could handle it.

Now, that curiosity is aroused even as early as kindergarten by classes on “sex ed” folded into the “health” curriculum. California has been the leader in incorporating sexual themes into the state education system. In 2015, California signed the Healthy Youth Act stipulating “comprehensive” sex education in all of the state’s public and charter schools. “Age appropriate” lessons were to be used and parents informed about the content and an offer to write an excuse for their child. Previous laws had mandated that HIV prevention be part of sex education classes in the1990s, and in 2003, that lessons be appropriate for use with all students of all races, genders and sexual orientations.

Instruction on sexual perversion has become so pervasive that the only way to opt out is remove the child from the school.

This year California is producing a new “K-12 health curriculum framework which seeks to radically transform the way public school students think about gender and sexuality,” according to the California Family Council. Details of how gender confusion is introduced by this “framework” is beyond the scope of this article, but parents can no longer trust the government schools to protect the innocence of your youngsters. What is happening in California is likely to come to your school district soon!

It is unlikely that our children can grow up unscathed by the fallout of the sexual revolution, even with diligent Christian parents. But we are witnessing the devastating effect for any child who lacks Biblical guidance and protection!

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