Mormonism's Strange Secret Doctrines

One day, 11-year-old Cindy Benson was secure in her sixth generation Mormon family; the next day devastation struck when her 53-year-old father brought home a 15-year-old second wife. He explained that it was necessary for him to do that to "fulfill the law of progression towards his own godhood."

Born into Mormonism, she knew no other religion or culture, but looked forward to serving as a Mormon missionary, marrying a "wonderful Mormon man," having children and eventually "live forever in our celestial kingdom as a goddess," along with her eternal husband.

Originally a traditional Mormon family, her father began reading early writings of Joseph Smith and left to join a splinter group that still practiced polygamy. This began Cindy's disillusionment with the religion.

Searching for truth on her own, she discovered that the Book of Mormon stated that polygamy was "abominable" and that God commanded to have only one wife. (See Mosiah 11:2 and Jacob 2:24 and 27.)

Delighted, she wrote her father a letter hoping that he would see his error and return home. He replied that another sacred Mormon book, Doctrine and Covenants, stated that polygamy was the "new and everlasting covenant," and that this superseded the Book of Mormon. Cindy describes how she fought hard and long to stay with her heritage of Mormonism, but eventually her husband got saved. Still convinced that Joseph Smith was right, she set out to disprove her husband's faith. But the more she dug, the more Mormonism came up short.

Finally, she surrendered to the Jesus of the Bible and, together, they began to reach out to the deceived followers of Mormonism. One of the fruits of their ministry is a book called Secrets Mormons DON'T Want You to Know, recently published by Chick Publications. The format is simple: 162 "secret" false teachings of Mormonism, followed by the truth, from the Bible or common sense. These land mines provide the soul winner with a huge arsenal to confront Mormons caught in their spiritual fantasy world. The contradiction that Cindy found when confronting her father is just one of dozens of similar "secrets," found in this book.

Each item is thoroughly documented from central Mormon texts including the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Journal of Discourses, and various writings of the officials of the "church."

Exposed are beliefs such as the brotherhood of Jesus and Lucifer, God was once a man, and at death, good Mormons inherit their own planet with dozens of wives who have spirit babies to inhabit human bodies at birth.

Here are a few of the 162 other "secrets" revealed in this book:

  • Secret 18: Mormonism teaches that God is married, and a polygamist.

  • Secret 27: Mormonism says Jesus was born in Jerusalem.

  • Secret 38: Mormonism teaches that the Holy Spirit is a spirit man.

  • Secret 43: Mormonism says salvation by faith alone in Jesus Christ is "utter nonsense."

  • Secret 58: One of Joseph Smith's wives was 14 years old.

  • Secret 59: Joseph Smith taught that people lived on the moon.

  • Secret 70: Mormon writings were changed to cover up Joseph Smith's occult practices.

  • Secret 112: Mormonism teaches that "eternal" punishment can last as little as one hour.

  • Secret 127: Joseph Smith was a high ranking Mason.

  • Secret 133: Mormon leaders hate Christianity.

  • Secret 144: Mormonism teaches that earth was conceived by its parent earths.

If a soul winner thoroughly studies this book, he will be well equipped to engage the Mormons who come to his door rather than ignoring the doorbell. Also useful is the paperback, Answers to My Mormon Friends and the Crusaders Comic, The Enchanter, showing details of the life of Joseph Smith that most Mormons don't know or refuse to admit.

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