Science Finds More 'Evidence' of Adam and Eve

Scientists are desperate to disprove the Bible, but they keep tripping over their own evidence. That is primarily because what they consider "evidence" is often only supported by "assumptions" (maybe-so's) and "inferences" (guesses).
One "maybe-so" (assumption) is their big buzzword, "uniformitarianism." Here they are "assuming" that things like the geological column of soil layers were deposited over a uniform sequence of time.
Similar layers formed today must take a long time. So they infer (guess) that each layer represents a long segment of that time. This is one way they conclude that the history of mankind is measured in millions of years.
But Christian geologists point out that, given catastrophic events like Noah's flood, layers of that geologic column could have been deposited in just a few months, or even hours.
Evolutionary anthropologists (people who study the history of people) operate on the same guesswork. They "assume" that man evolved in a uniform pattern from primal soup to thinking man. Then they "infer" that two fossils, with and without opposable thumbs, existed millions of years apart. But they could have been two different species living at the same time.
Because they refuse to accept the Biblical account, they keep stumbling over facts that contradict their assumptions and inferences. These facts do not prove the existence of Adam and Eve, or even Noah. But several different fields of scientific study have turned up intriguing information.
For example, evolutionary biologists have discovered that earth's population may at one point have been reduced to about 1280 people. Then they assume that this small number of people existed for many generations. Of course their evolutionary worldview tries to put that bottleneck much farther back in time than the Bible.
The biblical worldview tells us that it was down to only eight people at Noah's time, but they quickly repopulated. In evolution's long view, that dip would not even have been noticed.
Other scientists involved in DNA research have discovered that they can trace generations back toward what they call the "primordial pair." And it seems to point to an origin somewhere in the Near East.
Two research associates at the University of Basel, Switzerland, surveyed the DNA of 5 million animals and humans. Researcher David Thaler said he fought "as hard as I could" against the conclusion that "we sprang from a single pair of adults after a catastrophic event almost wiped out the human race." Sounds like Noah's family again which would have created a genetic restart.
Another intriguing contribution has been made by archaeology combined with the study of languages. Many older civilizations have been identified in the last 100 years along with much of their language patterns.
A researcher in Hawaii, Dr. Vamos-Toth Bator, set out to see if there were significant similarities between the names of remotely separated places like cities and mountains and lakes.  He found many names of places, widely separated around the world, that were the same.  This suggests that they were named by people who came from the same general area, and brought those names with them, just like the Bible describes in the Genesis 10 Table of Nations.
With research stretching over a decade, Bator claims to have found 1,000,000 names of cities and rivers and mountains that point back to a common source even though they are spread around the entire globe. Many actually use identical names for rivers or mountains or cities.
All of the propaganda about science has led to an extreme overconfidence in the reliability of what they call evidence. Honest scientists continue to discover new facts that can change the picture dramatically.
Dishonest scientists impose their own assumptions and inferences (maybe so's and guesses) to promote a usually godless agenda.
Soul winners, we need to stand tall on the truth of our Bible against the pervasive lies in our culture. Chick publications has several books and one tract that you can use to break evolution's grip.

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