Public Libraries Becoming Battle Ground Over Evil

Church leaders in Seabrook, New Hampshire succeeded in stopping lectures on satanism at their local library but the offended Satan worshippers responded by flooding the library with nearly 500 donated books on witchcraft.

Speeches on The History and Use of Tarot Cards and Numerology and Dream Analysis were scheduled for the library's summer lecture program for young adults.

When about 300 local church people objected to the lectures on grounds that their tax dollars were being used to teach witchcraft, the library board postponed them.

When an employee of a nearby New Age publishing house heard of the postponement, he posted a suggestion on the Internet urging other people in the occult to send witchcraft books to the library. Dozens of books began showing up with titles like "Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft" and "To Ride a Silver Broomstick."

The controversy has divided the town of about 7000 with an anti-censorship petition circulating and others declaring that "lectures on the occult simply don't belong" in the library. The library trustee board plans to meet soon and decide the fate of the lectures.

Fortunately, Christians are beginning to awake to the danger of this kind of influence. What is promoted in the name of free speech using our tax dollars, is really an open door into Satanism for our youngsters.

William Schnoebelen, in his book "Lucifer Dethroned," explains how such seemingly innocent activities as dream analysis and card playing can start young people down a slippery slope into demon worship, vampirism and even human sacrifices.

As a young college student, he was involved in a seance which piqued his interest in the occult realm. Intrigued, he and his wife went on to become a satanic priest and priestess, leading many other young people into the worship of Satan.

Their 350-page book is a sad chronicle how young people, given a small taste of the occult, can be deluded with its seeming power. William and Sharon Schnoebelen spent 16 years of their lives feeding on every imaginable satanic experiment until he became a vampire using the members of his coven to satisfy his thirst for blood.

But in the end he found the true source of power when a Christian bank teller wrote a note on his canceled check to the Church of Satan. "I'll be praying for you in Jesus' name," was what Schnoebelen read when he got the check back in his bank statement. "Within days, it felt as if someone had pulled the plug on all my magickal power. I felt sick, weak and devastated!" he writes. He soon came to realize that Jesus possessed the true power over all things and only through Him could he find the peace he had been looking for.

Like the Christians in Seabook, we need to stand against the intrusion of seemingly innocent occult activities in our communities. They only open the door to greater evil.

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