Persecution Rising in U.K. and Headed Our Way

Persecution and harassment of Bible believers in Great Britain have become so intense that a Christian legal group has appealed to the European Court for help. Doctors are disciplined for sharing Christ with patients. Electricians and nurses are forbidden to wear a cross or display one in their work trucks.

The source of the problem is so-called "Equality Laws" enacted over the past few years to eliminate "discrimination." Two groups, Muslims and homosexuals, are capitalizing on these laws to try to eliminate any resistance to their agendas. Each has a goal of eliminating biblical influence in the culture.

Muslims are mandated by their "holy book," the Qur`an, to eliminate all religions other than Islam. They believe that this is their opportune time to take over the western world and kill or enslave everyone who will not convert to Islam.

Satan has succeeded, through militant homosexuals, in convincing government leaders that the homosexual lifestyle is a "civil right," due the same protections as race and gender.

As you can see, neither of these will tolerate anything like a live-and-let-live environment. All opposition must be eliminated. And, since atheistic humanism has taken control of western culture, there is no force adequate to counter the claims of either group.

Typically, someone is offended by the display of a cross or by a Christian attempting to help by counseling from the Bible. A case in point is the Christian doctor who told a discouraged, 24-year-old patient that the doctor`s faith in Jesus had helped him and could help the patient. The patient expressed no offense but when his mother asked what the doctor advised, he told her, "He said I needed Jesus." She filed a complaint with the General Medical Council who threatened the doctor`s job. He has decided to fight the complaint to stand against this assault on religious freedom.

Europe is a few years ahead of the U.S. in development of an anti-Christian environment. Many dead and empty churches have been converted into Mosques. Universities are hotbeds of socialism and humanism, denying the Bible and its God. Britain`s state religion, the Anglican church, has partnered with Roman Catholicism and welcomed humanist philosophies and homosexual clergy.

Into that seedbed, Islam, sexual perversion, and myriads of other sins have flourished. Unfortunately, America is headed down that same road. Laws in key states such as California and Massachusetts now mandate pro-homosexual indoctrination of public school children. Parents who object are denied prior notice and told they cannot exempt their children from the unbiblical curricula and teaching sessions.

Christian students are frequently denied freedom to display Biblical items and use Christian themes in their school work. Yet classes on Islam are freely allowed and students have been suspended for refusing to participate in Muslim prayers and rituals.

In the final analysis, the West is defenseless against either of these invaders. Atheistic humanism can only embrace homosexuals as a further evolutionary refinement of the human animal. It is even more ridiculous to expect the radical Muslim to give up hope of paradise and accept the modern humanist idea that when you`re dead, you`re dead.

Only the gospel has the power to defuse the devilish lust driving the homosexual or offer the Muslim a loving God to replace his capricious, vindictive Allah. Some Bible-believers are praying for a sweeping revival that will behead these two Goliaths. This could very well happen and would be a wonderful restoration of godliness. But meanwhile, many lost and bewildered souls are all around us.

Shouldn`t we at least take the time to hand them a no-nonsense gospel tract pointing them to the only way to personal peace with their Creator? Who knows: if enough of them got saved, the revival we are praying for might just happen.

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