Parents Waking Up —Fighting for their Kids

Hopefully, some Mama bears (and Papa bears) are beginning to wake up to the dangers of the government school systems. In Loudon County Virginia, parents and school administrators have been locked in a tussle over pornographic books in the library, Marxist curriculum in the classroom, and whether a “biological” boy in a skirt should be allowed to create hanky panky in the girl’s restroom.

Some of the honest media coverage of their struggles appears to have awakened other parents and even some teachers and administrators. In Wyoming, parents discovered books used in grooming children for early sexual activity in the Campbell County library. Some even included instructions for homosexual perversion. When parents complained to the library board and the County Commission, no action was taken. They then took five of the books to the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office and filed a criminal complaint.

It turns out that Wyoming is one of several states where schools and libraries are exempt from prosecution for displaying obscene materials. But anyone who is convicted of encouraging children to engage in sexual relations is subject to a felony charge and five years in prison. The parents used this statute to file a complaint against the library board. The county prosecutor, a parent himself, reviewed the books, declared them “hard pornography to children” and arranged for a special prosecutor.

In September, parents in Hudson, Ohio, discovered the contents of a writing course that was being taught to college prep students in the high school senior class. The course included a book called “642 things to write about.” It contained prompts such as “Write a sex scene you wouldn’t show your mom,” and “The first time you had sex.” Death, suicide, and murder were other topics.

When parents complained to the school board, they showed no interest in dealing with it. Parents then approached Hudson Mayor Craig Schubert, who showed the material to a local judge, who declared it essentially child pornography. Craig then confronted the school board with two choices: resign because of their failure to prevent such a class, or face potential charges of child pornography.

This created a firestorm which resulted in 1200 pages of email messages to the city and school district. Schubert continued to stand his ground even against the county prosecutor who said that the material did not qualify for prosecution but was an attempt to create a “public battle over censorship.”

Even more recently, a school administrator in the Indianapolis public schools has been suspended from access to email and Google Drive related to his duties. He is also denied access to any school building in the system. His offense was the release of a video from a public server in the school system that he believed demonstrated racist teachings of Critical Race Theory by an “equity administrator.”

He believed that he was trying to show that such teachings are part of a government curriculum designed to create tension between the races in America. Many Christian leaders have pointed out that this teaching is based on a Marxist strategy designed to do away with America’s constitutional government.

These are all major battles in Satan’s war against Christ’s church and God’s words. Many parents do not know exactly why these teachings are wrong. Only those who know their Bible understand God’s plan for sex within the boundaries of the marriage vows between a man and a woman. They also know from the Apostle Paul’s teachings that all races are of one blood, all guilty before God, all in need of the redemption that is available through the work of the cross. Once forgiven, all are brothers and sisters in Christ’s Kingdom.

These truths are desperately needed in America’s battle for the souls of our children.

Soul winners, we have work to do!

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