New Gospel Video Already a Soul Winner

The new 80-minute gospel video, The Light of the World, is now available on VHS and DVD format. More than a historical narrative of the life of Christ, it shows why man desperately needs a Saviour. It shows the fall of man and the establishment of God's laws based on the ten commandments.

Then it explains how man is condemned by violation of the law and his sinful nature. At this point the viewer realizes he is trapped and eternally lost. The film then shows Jesus coming to earth for lost mankind. It shows His terrible death as it really was and then His victorious resurrection shattering Satan's kingdom. The viewer is faced with a clear choice. It's either Christ or the lake of fire.

"I wanted it to be more than just another story of the life of Christ," says Jack Chick. "The gospel had to be the central message. It had to be a soul winner, just like our tract, This Was Your Life!"

In the first private showing before the public premier, several people in the audience raised their hands for salvation during an altar call at the end. Author David Daniels says, "More than any other such film, The Light of the World shows how Satan fought against God's plan from the beginning but how Jesus Christ's death and resurrection defeats him once and for all. The viewers clearly understand that Christ will grant them a new and eternal life when they believe Jesus, repent and turn their back on sin."

Response at the first public viewing at the premier was both spontaneous and sobering. When Jesus was shown emerging from the grave, the audience burst into applause.

After the finish, they filed out with a look of somber introspection, having been face to face with life's most important choice. The graphic art work depicting the cruelty of the scourging and crucifixion and the awfulness of eternal hell, demanded a reexamination of one's standing before God.

Yet the gospel message was just as clearly presented so no one could go away confused. Although the viewing was primarily for Christians to become acquainted with the film as a tool for soul winning, a number of people responded to an altar call afterwards.

One viewer summed it up: "Nobody can miss the gospel with this film." The film is available in both VHS and DVD formats. Translations have begun, with Spanish to be available by November 15 and Portuguese by December 1. Uses are many. Churches can show the film to congregations, classes, study groups, home groups, loaned by church libraries, and sent to sponsored missionaries, etc. New believers who have not seen it would be greatly strengthened in their faith.

Individuals can use the film to show to family, neighbors, coworkers, visitors, business associates, and as gifts such as at Christmas time. Time is running out. This is a powerful new tool to reach the lost whether they be neighbors, or natives on a foreign field.

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