More Churches Started With Chick Tracts

Reports from missionaries who use tracts provided by the Chick Mission Fund, come back from all over the world:

Ken Weaver —Ecuador:

"We have started 3 churches in 2 years in Ecuador and all three were started with tracts.....and prayer and hard work. We have handed out probably close to a half million in our ministry. The first 6 months in Ecuador we passed 500 a week. It is the best way to get the gospel into the hands of people."

J.T. Strong —Kenya:

"We have seen thousands come to Christ through the Chick tracts we have distributed in Kenya, and I will continue to use your tracts in the days to come. This Was Your Life is my favorite gospel tract of all time, and I believe it has the most balanced and true gospel presentation of any tract I have seen. We have our ministry contact information printed on the back of the tracts and receive thousands of calls and text messages of people desiring to be saved, to know more about Jesus, or to receive a Bible. These tracts are received so well by the Kenyan people."

James Hoffmeister —Trinidad

He uses tens of thousands of Chick tracts in Trinidad, in vacation Bible schools, religious instruction classes in the public schools and community saturation to bring people to the church. He writes:

"On the Saturday of our conference we had a tract and soul winning blitz. Over 125 people attended and they passed out more than 25,000 tracts and John & Romans throughout the downtown area of San Fernando while street preachers preached on a main corner.

"After about 3 hours we all gathered on the main street of downtown San Fernando and sang hymns. It was great to watch people gathering to listen and enjoy the preaching and singing. A special thanks to Chick Tract Publications for speedily providing us the ammunition we needed for this great work."

Donnie Whitlock —Southeast Asia

Whitlock oversees a broad range of mission activities in the Far East. He has been instrumental in funneling over a million tracts into the Philippines and hundreds of thousands into Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, and others. He works with local churches and missions groups to supply shipping containers of Bibles, training materials, as well as Chick tracts, all in multiple languages. He writes:

"Praise the Lord for good news of souls being saved. Chick Publications has provided Christians with some of the greatest tools for witnessing around the world. We missionaries and mission groups appreciate the dear folk who stand behind those serving on the frontlines by praying and giving funds to the "Chick Mission Fund". God has promised the sower and sender would share alike in the rewards. Fulfilling the "great commission" takes team work...I am glad to be a part of the team."

Note: Some of the tracts shipped from the Missions Fund go into areas where there is almost no other way, particularly for white missionaries to go.

Even local believers risk their lives. Kidnapping for ransom is a favorite fundraiser for rebel groups. Many, of course, are brutal Islamic gangs dedicated to bringing down the present government and instituting Islamic law.

Missionaries who report to us about work in these areas caution about revealing too much information about these outreaches.

Yet, tens of thousands of little "paper missionaries" are able to filter through the barriers and reach receptive hearts. If just one key terrorist is reached with the Truth, hundreds of lives could be saved. So the effort is worth the risk.

These missionaries fervently request prayer and understanding as to why details of their work must be limited.

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