Missionary Uses Tracts and Tent Meetings in Ukranian Villages

Taking a page out of America's past, Missionary Ken West is having great success with "Evangelistic Tent Meetings" in the small, remote villages of the Ukraine.

Local churches are often small and struggling when West's team sets up the tent in town. Literature is used to announce the meetings and the word spreads quickly.

West has seen dozens saved in the tent meetings. The new converts are taken by the local pastors who are glad to provide Bible studies and discipleship.

Chick tracts are given freely to the youngsters. The glowing faces of the precious children in the attached pictures show how they welcome the tracts.

However, the children are not the only ones reached. One elderly man who was saved in the tent meeting. told them, "I've been trying to figure this out for 10 years!"

The tent meetings have been the summer effort by West and his team. As school starts in the fall he will switch to ministry in the local schools. All the schools teach English as a second language and are anxious to have English literature and exposure to English speakers.

West is able to go right into the schools and preach the gospel and freely leave English copies of Bible literature, including Chick tracts. As the pictures demonstrate, the children cherish the literature, reading it over and over and sharing it with friends and family.

Hundreds were saved in the schools before the summer vacation and West and his team are looking forward to a very fruitful school year.

This is just one example how Chick tracts extend the reach of a local missionary. The tracts will keep circulating in the villages long after the tent is gone giving the local churches a continuing harvest.

Does your church support missionaries who could use this extra boost to their ministry? Tell your missionary to go to the Chick Publications web site and pick the title and language of their choice. Then send the order to Chick Publications and it will be drop shipped directly to the missionary.

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