Message of Tiara Proves Rome Has Not Changed

Those who are worried about a coming world ruler should know that there already is one. Consider this coronation statement: "Receive the tiara adorned with three crowns and know that thou art Father of princes and kings, Ruler of the World, Vicar of our Saviour Jesus Christ."

For over 500 years, each new pope was inaugurated with the triple crowned tiara and told he was ruler of the world. In recent years, the statement has been toned down. The spread of spiritual and intellectual freedom, which came in the wake of the Protestant Reformation, has forced the Vatican tiger to pull in its claws. But they are still there, waiting to strike, given an opportunity.

Modern popes rarely wear the tiara but its prominence in such places as the Vatican pressroom proves that Rome has not really given up on world dominion. The emblem on the wall behind the briefing desk tells not only the scope of the pope's dominion but its presumed source.

Framing the tiara are two keys. These are the "keys of the kingdom of heaven" given to Peter by Jesus in Matt 16:19.

From this single scripture, Roman Catholicism makes its world power grab. Declaring that this makes Peter the first pope, Rome claims that Christ vested Peter with the power to act in His place after Jesus went back to heaven. (Vicar means "vice" as in "vice president," one who acts for the president.)

Being the first pope makes Peter the first bishop, and thus his successors, the top spiritual leader for all the world. The first crown on the tiara signifies this "universal episcopate" of the pope.

Since Christ was King of kings, Peter, and all succeeding popes, then have "supreme jurisdiction" over all political rulers in the world. That is the significance of the second crown on the tiara.

The third crown also deals with world influence. The pope is declared: "Father of princes and kings." This nails down a special spiritual relationship to the political leaders. He is given not only "supreme jurisdiction" (his word is law), but also spiritual "father." In Roman Catholic terms, this places the pope (or one of his deputies) as the priest who hears the confession of the political leader, the only one who can absolve (forgive) his sins.

We are living in a time when these powers of the pope have been clipped by other influences such as the Protestant Reformation and the secular Enlightenment. But the papal tiger is still there, watching the world scene, ready to leap into power at the first opportunity.

In the twentieth century, Rome saw Hitler as such an opportunity and backed him until it was obvious he would lose, then has made a mad scramble to cover her tracks ever since.

Now the tiger is watching the developing European Union and preparing to become the woman who rides the beast of Revelation 17. (See A Woman Rides the Beast by Dave Hunt, available from Chick Publications.)

Roman Catholicism's goals never change, only their tactics. Someone has said that , "Rome, when in minority is as gentle as a lamb, when in equality is as clever as a fox, and when in the majority is as fierce as a tiger."

Today, a billion people are deceived by this prostitute "church." Their bondage can only be broken by the truth. We who enjoy the freedom of trusting in Christ alone for salvation must get the truth to them somehow.

We must pray for these precious people and witness to them every chance we get.

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