Message From Jack Chick September/October 2015

Dear ones in Christ,

There`s a chorus of pastors and youth leaders who have put down the use of gospel tracts. They push "Friendship Evangelism" in its place. Did you see the crowd of sinners rushing forward to be saved and worship God in the nearest Christian church? Neither did I. I see a hand in all of this, but it`s not the hand of God.

Do Chick tracts bring results? Last night I talked to Dann Slator. This old guy is 91. He has been a chaplain for 38 years in the prison systems. He shared this story with me:

While in a prison, he walked by an empty cell. He took two tracts, reached through the bars and threw one on the top bunk and one on the lower one. He asked God to bless them and walked on. The following day he walked by the same cell. Two prisoners stopped him and asked, "Are you the guy that put those little books in our cell?" Dann replied, "Yes." And they told him, "Each one of us read the booklet on our bunk. Then we shared them with each other. Then we reread the original ones, and both of us got saved. Thank you for the little books you gave us."

Today I got a long-distance call from Bill Eubanks in Zimbabwe, Africa, telling of the results from the thousands of tracts we sent him. He said, "Jack, today in a public school, all the children were given tracts and a gospel message. 150 bowed their heads and gave their hearts to Jesus. Each child promised to take the tracts home and let their parents read them. In this last week, we put out over 1,000 tracts, giving them to people working in the fields, and throwing them out to people on the roads. They all grabbed them like they were $20 bills."

So let me ask you, which is better: friendship evangelism or tract evangelism? When you go to heaven, you will see all the people you helped to lead to salvation by the tracts and your testimony that you gave to others. Don`t let deceptive hopes for "friendship evangelism" leave you unrewarded.

Your brother in Christ,

Jack Chick

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