Malawi Church Started With A Chick Tract

By Missionary Rai Paparatti

On our last few days of missions work in Malawi, our team usually enjoys one "day of rest" for evaluation and reflection of what the Lord had accomplished. This year, since we were in the village of Zomba, Malawi, our team was afforded an opportunity to hike up the famous Zomba Plateau.

Aside from the beauty, we were not prepared for a 6 hour hike up a mountain. When we reached near the summit, we passed a logging site. Many people from all over Malawi will get these jobs and spend months at a time up in the mountain cutting down timber.

Upon reaching this mountain top community, one of our team members felt compelled by the Lord to stop and share with these men the Gospel. The only material we had in hand was the Chick tract in Chichewa.

For over forty minutes the Gospel was shared. Once we saw that they had received the message, we called for our interpreter to help us make sure that we had adequately presented the Gospel and help them through the sinner's prayer. Our translator is a local Malawian pastor and was brilliant in his talking and encouragement.

These men which received Christ had been up on the mountain for some time talking amongst themselves about "If God is real, we need to know who He is and need to be told about Him." These men were Muslim men and searching for God to reveal Himself to them.

They received the message about Christ. They received Christ into their hearts. The local pastor began sharing with them the fact that they were now a local church up in the mountain.

We showed them how to pray, how to meet together and encourage one another. The only thing we now needed to give them was Scripture. We were so far away from being able to get them a Bible in their local language. The only Scriptures they had were the ones printed in the Gospel tract in Chichewa.

We encouraged them to use the tract and the scriptures inside and meditate on the words and talk about them with each other. It was marvelous. A New Testament type church starting atop a mountain with only a Chick tract. I am amazed at God and what He does.

Thank you so much for placing material in our hands and giving us something to use for the Lord. We encouraged our team from that point forward to always have a Chick Tract on them. You never know when God will use it to start a church!!!!!

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