Homosexual Agenda Beginning to See Setbacks

The war between sexual perversion and decency is heating up. Judges in several states have found laws defining marriage as only between and man and a woman to be constitutional, setting back the "gay" agenda.

Studies indicate that, even in countries legalizing same-sex marriage, such as Holland, few homosexuals take advantage of it. The vast majority of homosexual relationships last only a short time. Promiscuity with many partners is the norm. This proves that their campaign is not really about marriage but legitimacy, acceptance and approval.

Yet it seems homosexual activists leave no stone unturned. Three men in Holland have applied to form a new political party called the Brotherly Love, Freedom and Diversity party. Their goal is to change the age-of-consent law from 16 to 12. Dubbed the "pedophile party," a Dutch court has refused to stop them from registering for national elections, if they can get enough signatures to get on the ballot. Dutch leaders are beginning to question how far their "tolerance" is going to carry them.

In Israel, city leaders have denied a petition for a gay pride parade in Jerusalem. Not deterred, the organizers have put together several other events to celebrate what they call "International World Pride" week. One includes a week-long homosexual film festival at the Jerusalem Convention Center. Another event is a "Youth Day" targeting 15-18-year-olds to help those who are "unsure" or their sexuality.

In the California legislature, a bill is stalled that would have mandated that grade school history books include accounts of achievements by homosexuals. Family advocates have flooded the capital with email and phone calls objecting to this bill and succeeded in preventing it from quick passage.

In other skirmishes in the war, a lesbian was elected homecoming king at a small college in Maryland and a suburb of Rio De Janeiro in Brazil is debating an ordinance requiring business to install a third kind of restroom-for transvestites. More and more decent people are waking up to this foolishness.

The risk to Bible believers in this world-wide campaign by homosexuals is their push for tolerance, then acceptance, and finally approval. Soul winners cannot approve of homosexual behavior any more than any other sin condemned by the Bible. But the goal of homosexual activists is to silence anyone who objects to their sin.

The comments of a Jewish Rabbi says it best: "First they said they just want civil rights, and then they demanded same-sex marriages, and then adoption rights and now they want a lowered age of consensual relations. This is the famous 'salami' piece-by-piece system."

Governments that are seduced into passing anti-discrimination laws suddenly find themselves in very unpleasant circumstances. When Pastor Eke Green was arrested in Sweden for preaching a sermon on God's opinion of homosexuality, world outrage forced an ultimate acquittal. Holland is also rethinking its "tolerance."

As Bible believers, we have two obligations. First, we must obey the great commission, witnessing to all sinners, homosexuals included, that Jesus loves them and wants to deliver them from the bondage of whatever sin they are in.

Second, we must support political leaders who respect God's Word as a guide for civil lawmaking.

Satan has captured the major media channels. We must take God's case to the grassroots. Saturation with gospel literature and diligent personal witnessing is the best way we have to change the culture from the bottom up, one soul at a time.

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