Halloween Is Not Satan's Only Holiday

Why is it important to get the gospel to everyone we can? Because Jesus said so is good enough. But if we are aware of some of the history behind the culture wars that we are in the middle of, we might better help someone who is lost in the confusion. A recent holiday in France can give us some background.

It is called "Bastille Day," and celebrated with fireworks similar to our July 4th.

It celebrates a revolution directly opposite to the purpose of the American Revolution. The founders of the U.S. fought for freedom to worship God. But Bastille Day celebrates the French Revolution, inspired by the belief that God was not needed in a new world order where science is king and reason his mistress.

Soul winners need to know this history because it clouds the thinking of most of the generation we are trying to attract with the gospel. That generation is mostly schooled by teachers and professors who push evolution and other godless philosophies.

Briefly, the fork in history came when Gutenberg began to print Bibles for the common man. Satan's worst nightmare happened when enough people began to read and believe the Bible to start the Protestant Reformation. But the Devil's response was to start a counterfeit "revolution." Known as the "Enlightenment" movement, it spurned the God of the Bible making mankind the center of the social universe.

Time became evolution's "Creator," using mutations as the evolutionary process and MAN became the present king of the mutants. They now dream of using biotechnology to harness and accelerate the mutations to produce a super human, freed from disease, aging and even poverty.

Where did this godless dream originate? In the fertile minds of the Enlightenment thinkers who were convinced that God was dead.

The short history of the beginning of the Enlightenment is most revealing. When the common man started reading, he discovered that his bondage came from two sources: the corrupt, counterfeit "church" headquartered in Rome, and the nobility who enslaved them to work the land. It was even worse where these two monsters joined forces.

Meanwhile, the other stream of history, the Reformation, was radiating sunrays of freedom from Great Britain and America. With the bloody French Revolution, an armed correction was mounted against popery and feudalism, but it had a hollow core. Satan was not about to give up without a fight. When the dust settled, popes had been unseated, monarchs deposed, but science and reason had been enshrined as the guiding lights of the emerging "secular" states.

So Satan's grip was still there. In the place of Rome's idolatrous Mary goddess with its wafer worship, universities became the cathedrals of secularism. Today's humanist professors openly belittle the faith of any Bible-believers who dare attend their classes. And the casualties are many, witnessed by recent statistics of the loss of faith by the Millennial and "Z" generations. And of course, with the Bible gone, even the lower grades are now forums of secular, humanist and evolutionary propaganda.

From this brief history you can see how important it is to have a grasp of the roots of the lies that America's youth have been sold. Witnessing techniques that depended on a background of Sunday School stories are not useful with these who have little or no Biblical frame of reference, or worse, someone who has swallowed the anti-Biblical propaganda.

The more recent Chick tracts attempt to speak to some of these deceptions. Who's It Gonna Be? deals with the question of evil. Faithful shows that forgiveness must replace revenge. Limited Time Offer speaks to the question of judgment and hell.

The Bible has answers to life's quandaries. A 24-page Chick tract has space to provide biblical answers, along with an engaging story to hold the reader's attention. Then it leads to a final decision to accept or reject the gospel "good news."

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