Freedom OF Religion -or Freedom FROM Religion?

The secular humanists who have taken over our schools, governments, and news and entertainment media have turned the First Amendment on its head. Framers of the Constitution intended for religion to be free to permeate the culture. Humanists have interpreted the Amendment to mean to eliminate it from the culture by removing it from all government schools, government courts, government offices, etc. Since the government has taken over so much of our lives, this succeeds in eliminating biblical influences from most of our culture.

In fact, many traditional sources of biblical influence are under direct attack. Take schools, for instance. Teachers and text books routinely omit concepts of righteousness and patriotism, stressing evolution and globalism.

Many high schools, colleges and other universities are telling campus Christian clubs that requiring all leaders to be born-again violates school "anti-discrimination" policy.

Since godless evolution has become the bedrock theme in government schools, parents have lost much of their freedom in guiding their children in the ways of God. Laws have been passed mandating the teaching that the sin of homosexuality is okay. A pregnant teen can no longer be trusted to the wisdom of the parents, but can, without parental consent, be secretly whisked into surgery to kill her baby through abortion.

Schools have long been forbidden to apply the "rod of correction" to the seat of understanding. Now, a recent law in New Jersey makes a parent a criminal who dares spank an unruly child.

In business, Christian owners are no longer free to refuse services because of their faith. Several cases are working their way through the courts where owners of bakeries, bed-and-breakfast inns, and wedding chapels have been fined for refusing services to same-sex couples. Even Bible publishers and Christian colleges are not allowed to opt out of health insurance plans that grant free abortion pills to their employees.

One of the most tangled situations involves Islam. The First Amendment supposedly guarantees freedom for all religions and goes on to also grant freedom of speech. The founding fathers thus guaranteed that all religions would have to tolerate anyone who spoke against them. All other religions in the Western World accept this —but not Islam.

Muslims see Islam as more than a religion; it is a complete way of life controlling all aspects, including government. Thus, the First Amendment is anathema to Islam. The first statement of the amendment: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion," directly confronts Islam`s "sharia law," that requires that Muslim religion must be in charge of the government.

When godless humanists raised the banner of tolerance and anti-discrimination, homosexual activists and Muslim infiltrators saw an opportunity to twist them to their own ends. Homosexuals thumbed their noses at God, declared that He was to blame for their "orientation" (that He called a choice) and proceeded to claim that they were "born that way" just like black-skinned people. Therefore, all laws against discrimination also applied to them.

They have carried this lie to the point that California Governor Brown just signed a law making it a crime for therapists to counsel gender-confused teens who might want help into a normal heterosexual lifestyle. It remains to be seen if this will apply to soul winners who witness to them of God`s power to forgive their sin and heal their perversion.

Chick tracts promote righteousness and speak against godlessness, sinful evolution, and cults that are assaulting our freedoms. (See Prov. 14:34.) We need to sow this seed into the culture every chance we get. Politics alone will not work without righteousness in the people.

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