Freedom is Never Free

Over and over in history, what one generation is willing to die for, a later one takes for granted. Just before Moses died, he predicted that the children of Israel would fight to possess the promised land, and soon after they would corrupt themselves with strange gods as they began to enjoy the prosperity of the land.

Mighty Rome fell to outside invaders because she had become rotten inside. Almost the entire Western World now lies in corruption and is facing economic chaos.

Central to the abundance that we have enjoyed are the basic freedoms "guaranteed" by the U.S. constitution -specifically freedom of religion and freedom of speech in the First Amendment. With those freedoms in place, prosperity blossomed. Those riches gave us technology: TV, internet, telephone, radio, global travel for missionaries -all necessary to fulfill the scripture: "This gospel shall be preached to all nations...."

Many third world countries are experiencing significant revivals. But America still funds 80% of the world's missionary activity. It is America's jugular that Satan wants to cut. If he can destroy the guarantees of the First Amendment, he can seriously cripple world evangelism. Other articles in this issue focus on the various spearheads of his attack.

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