Father Arrested Over Pro-Homosexual School Book

A persistent father was recently arrested in Massachusetts after insisting that he be notified when his kindergartner was going to be presented with teaching on homosexuality. School officials refused to give him assurance of that option and he refused to leave the scheduled meeting without that assurance.

Police were called and he was arrested for criminal trespassing and spent a night in jail. His trial date is set for September 21. The father, David Parker, became aware of the teachings when his 5-year-old son brought home a "Diversity Book Bag." It contained a book called "Who's in a Family?" depicting two households led by homosexual partners.

A member of a local group advocating against the state's same-sex marriage law observed that the book "uses subtle but powerful emotions to normalize homosexual relationships in the minds of the young children."

There is a nationwide campaign in our schools to "normalize" homosexuality in the minds of the next generation. Organizations pushing the homosexual agenda have chapters in every major city. Some, such as GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network are specifically targeting our public education system. They lobby school officials and legislators for inclusion of homosexual-friendly material in the curriculum all the way down to kindergarten.

They are poised to raise the specter of a lawsuit against any school district that refuses to promote their brand of "tolerance" and "diversity." They have been very effective in persuading state school boards to support their agenda.

Because of the emphasis by public school on evolution and homosexuality, some denominations and churches have seriously considered advising their members to draw their children out and place them in private Christian schools or to home school them.

Parents who have children in public schools should be alerted to this promotion of perversion and be prepared to help their child understand that God's viewpoint is very different.

Chick tracts such as Sin City, Doom Town, and Birds and the Bees can help your child understand that God is against homosexuality. On the other big lie in the public schools, evolution, there are tracts like Apes, Lies and Ms Henn and Big Daddy? Our web site has much backup information on these two subjects.